Romeo and Juliet Comparison and contrast of the text Essay

The text version is different because it tells you what is going to happen in each scene. It is read by one person (or if you’re in a class, multiple people will read it). It is written in Shakespearean language, but it is changed so it is easier to understand. It also has side notes or foot notes, so you can understand what they are saying. Usually what is written in the book is different then what is in the movie. In the book during the fight scene with Mercuric, Table, and Romeo, Table kills Mercuric with a sword and Romeo runs after Table killing him in the street.

Also in the balcony scene, Romeo climbs the wall to Juliet balcony and stands with Juliet on her balcony. There really wasn’t a wedding scene in the book. During the death scene, Romeo fights Paris and says his goodbyes to Juliet and kills himself, and then she in return kills herself. The movies leave stuff out that the book has. The Sufferable version is different because it is the older movie version. One person tells what is going to happen in the movie. It also has fewer lines from the real Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet than the Alarming. It also cuts some arts out from the book.

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They used swords to fight and Mercuric died by being stabbed with a sword. Mercuric dresses normally back then. Romeo and Juliet met in the ballroom and they kiss behind the crowd by the food. In the balcony scene, Romeo listens to Juliet in her garden but climbs a tree to get to her. When they are at their wedding they are eager to meet, and together they walk to the alter, and they do the cross on their chest. The death scene, Romeo breaks into the tomb and talks to Juliet. He also speaks about Table then goes back to Juliet, and takes his life.

Friar Laurence arrives when Juliet awakes and sees Romeo. The Friar flees and Juliet takes her life. The Alarming version is different because it is the newer version of the movie. It actually has more lines from the Shakespearean context then the Sufferable version. It is modern and uses guns instead of swords. They have cars instead Of horses. They also have modern clothes, songs, and ideas. The prologue is told by a news reporter. They set the scene in a modern city. When Table kills Mercuric, he kills him with a piece of glass and on a beach.

Then, when Romeo chases after Table and shoots him down. Table falls into the water. Then Romeo and Juliet meet through a fish tank while Mercuric (crossed dressed for his costume) is singing and they kiss in the elevator. Juliet is talking to herself on the patio then they both are in the pool talking about getting married. When they get married it is kind of like a traditional except it had chorus boys. In the death scene Romeo arrives at Gullet’s tomb where it is very light in there. Romeo drinks the poison as she wakes up and in return she shoots herself in the head.

They are all similar because they are all about Romeo and Juliet. They all have the same point. Even though the Alarming version is modern they all had Shakespearean lines in them. They involve the death scene, balcony scene, party scene, the fight scene, and the prologue. They are all similar and they are all different. They have many scenes and characters. They also have many ways of showing each side of Romeo and Juliet. They all have different actors, costumes, and stages for a different view on each version, but it is still all the same Romeo and Juliet.


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