Romeo and Juliet and Shakespearean Play Romeo Essay

Though el these had great affects on the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, fate is ultimately to blame for the deaths. Primarily, lord Caplet being an ineffective father eventually causes the death of his own daughter, Juliet. Right before Juliet is able to say anything to her father regarding her decision on marring Paris lord Caplet exclaims, ” Send for the country. I will have this knot tied up tomorrow morning. ” (Shakespeare 4. 225-26). There is no question that fate is to blame for lord Capsules indecisiveness.

This is true because just a few days ago lord Caplet as totally against Juliet marring. Then a few days later he decides that on Thursday they were going to get married. Only fate is to blame for this strange event. Additionally, if lord Caplet had been more accepting of Gullet’s love for Romeo and more accepting as a father, then the ending of the play may have been different. “Hang the young baggage. ” (3. 5. 180). If Juliet had been more open to her father than certain event would not have happened. Fate is to blame for lord Caplet’s inability to appreciate Gullet’s love for Romeo.

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Furthermore, tragic deaths affect Romeo in a very costly way. As Table goes to confront Romeo and challenge Romeo, Mercuric interferes and gets killed. After he is stabbed he is able to cry, “I am hurt. A plague O’ both, your houses! Am sped. Is he gone and hath nothing? ‘ (3. 1. 94-96). The death caused by Table was very unnecessary. This confrontation should have been settled verbally but instead fate made it in to a physical confrontation. Americium’s death causes a spark. His death leads to many other adversities for Romeo and Juliet.

Additionally, to avenge Americium’s death, Romeo soon begins to retaliate. Romeo comes out victorious, as Table lay there lifelessly, benevolent shouts, ” Romeo away be gone! The citizens are up, and Table slain, stand not amazed… ” (5. 1. 141-144). Tables death was the most unnecessary death of all. If Romeo had not have killed Table then the prince would have eventually would have had Table be put to death. Fate is to blame for Romeos inferiority. If Romeo had not have killed Table then the ending of the story would be completely alternating.

In addition, the friars inability to make more well thought out and timely plans, greatly affects Romeo and Gullet’s death. Right as Romeo drinks the poison, Friar Laurence enters, ” Saint Francis be my speed! How oft tonight have. My old feet stumbled at graves! ” (3. 3. 124-126). The poor timing of Friar Laurence attempted rescue is very consequential. Fate made Friar Laurence just a few moments late in saving Romeo and eventually saving their marriage. In addition, as Friar Laurence asks who brought his letter to

Romeo, Friar John retorts, “l could not send it here it is again, nor get a messenger to bring it to thee… ” (5. 2. 15-17). It all once again all connects back to fate. If Friar John had not failed at his mission the Romeo would know about the plan and he would still be alive. Fate managed to make the plague go around and prevent friar from delivering the letter. In essence, fate is the accountable for the friars untimely events. In essence, fate ultimately is the most responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. There are many events that lead up to the deaths.


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