Romeo and Juliet Analysis Sample Essay

Rash actions lead to dire effects when the actions of others are non accounted for. In William Shakespeare’s play. The Calamity of Romeo and Juliet. the immature lovers Romeo and Juliet are depicted to be doing havoc due to them moving headlong. The subject of moving rashly is revealed through Shakespeare’s incorporation of both tone and sentence structure.

The subject of moving rashly is represented within Juliet’s tone during her monologue. For case. Juliet articulates. “Farewell! God knows when we shall run into again/ I have a swoon cold fright bangs through my veins” ( IV. three. 14-15 ) . This quotation mark exhibits the subject of moving rashly by demoing Juliet. reflecting upon the magnitude of her state of affairs. with a deplorable tone. This deplorable tone shows the audience that Juliet is moving headlong and acknowledges that fact. Because Shakespeare used a keening tone in the character of Juliet. the audience discovers that she acknowledges her ain roseola actions.

The sentence structure of the play reveals the subject of moving rashly. For illustration. Juliet provinces. “What if this mixture make non work at all? / Shall I be married so tomorrow morning” ( IV. three. 21-22 ) . This quote depicts Juliet inquiring rhetorical inquiries to herself and the audience. uncovering her suppressions associating to her rash actions. By utilizing short. simplistic interrogative sentences. Shakespeare articulates the heedlessness of her actions to the audience. In summing up. through the use of simple. effectual inquiries. the audience understands the reverberations of Juliet’s roseola actions on an wholly new degree.

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In conclusiveness. the effects of Juliet moving headlong are magnified with every bad determination. Through the incorporation of a keening tone and short. simplistic inquiries. the subject is easy conveyed to the audience. The subject of moving rashly is one that Juliet analyzes in her monologue. as she goes so far as to oppugn her actions. All in all. moving rashly is something that. when started. is hard to halt. as Juliet can merely avoid imbibing the potion. yet does so even when she is diffident of her hereafter.


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