Role of the Health and Social Care Worker Essay

Know your main responsibilities to an individual you support What are your main responsibilities to the individuals you support and in your role? 1 . Maintain contact with the clients to make sure that they are alright. 2. Prompt clients to live independently and maintain a tenancy. 3. Supporting them to get out in the community. 4. Supporting them to achieve their individual goals. 5. Giving support with filling forms and accessing services within the community. 6.

Give advice, information and show clients the ways of address different health and safety issues. I How will you protect the rights of individuals and promote their interests? By being respectful to the client, treating him as an equal, respecting his privacy and support him in the way that he wanted to be supported. When meeting a new client is good to ask the client what type of support he believes that we can offer him and what activities or goals he wants to achieve. Offering the client the freedom to change his support plan and goals as often as he wants it. I want are ten values Tort ten service you wall De provoking?

We prompt clients to achieve a better quality of live by providing a more secure environment. Helping them to deal with external agencies and get involved in the community and promoting independent living. I How would you use these values in your work with individuals? I can make the customer feel that I am interested in the request or the problem that they will face me with. Ensure that I am polite and my body language is positive and encouraging. Show the customer a positive can do attitude. The customer will want a elution or an answer not an excuse or explanation.

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If the first request of the client is not possible to accomplish always offer and alternative option. | 1. 2 Be aware of ways in which your relationship with an individual must be different from other relationships. I How does your relationship with the individuals you support differ from your relationship with your friends? What could you do to maintain professional boundaries? 1 . Develop a good awareness of my personal boundaries “the space” I maintain between me and the client is a good way to set up boundaries. 2. Learn my employer’s policies and practices regarding workplace relationships. 3.

I will be respectful to my co-workers or supervisors when they let me know they want to keep their relationship professional 4. Speak to coworkers and management respectfully and clearly. Communication is vital when setting boundaries. 5. Promote the client’s participation, choice and control in meeting their care needs. 6. It is never appropriate to form personal relationship with a client during the time that they are receiving care. IAn Uninominal you support says you can nave tenet lesson club car pilots as teen ah to have a club card themselves to collect Lethe points. The points turn into free shopping vouchers.

What should you do? I will explain to the tenant that I cannot accept it as I am employed by Ability and I will offer him support with getting a Tests cleared himself, I will explain the advantages of owning his own Tests cleared as from time to time his points can double and he can get really good deals (double money) at Tests opticians or in the electronic department. If the tenant feels offended by my refusal I will offer him to address it with my direct manager and get back at him at a later date. I You are beginning to have personal and intimate feelings about an individual you support.

What should you do? Boundaries should be maintained, while working with the client, the conversations should be focus on himself and the support that we can provide to achieve his goals. You can also have conversations with the tenant with regards of daily live events that maybe of interest for this particular client such as; If the client has interest in sports maybe ask him about what sports is he following at the Olympics. If he likes technology maybe ask him about the new mobile phone that he is planning to get ND if he has done some research about it.

If he is involved in an allotment program maybe ask him about the vegetables that are on season at the time. This allow you to create conversation and know a bit more about the client, this knowledge can be used later on in finding ways to focus his interest into a more profitable use such as courses, voluntary work or ultimate paid work. In case that you are made aware that personal feelings are developing between you and the client, your manager should be informed and the support to the client should be provided by a different staff member. 2. Be aware of the aims, objectives and values of the service in which you work. I What are the aims and objectives of your employer? Provide support to the client to gain independent living skills. I How does your role contribute to the aims and objectives of your employer? By supporting the clients to adapt to different situations and learn to deal with challenges. 12 2 unreason winy It Is Important to work In ways Tanat are agree Witt your employer. I Why is it important to follow policies, procedures or agreed ways of working?

Because if there is an accident and you have followed all the correct procedures then he accident is not your fault, but if you haven’t followed the correct procedures then you are responsible for the consequences of the accident. I What could happen if you do not follow agreed ways of working relevant to your role? It ensures that all staff members are less at risk of been accused of something such as neglectful behavior or being in an abusive situation. It will ensure that everybody is acting in a consistent manner and the work progress run smoothly. Allows staff to make sure that the best practice is been put on place.

It provides staff with support while they are at work. 12. Know how to access full and up-to-date details of agreed ways of working relevant to your role I Where can you find up to date policies, procedures and details of agreed ways of working relevant to your role? In the office, In the SMS files in the computer, asking to my team leader or line manager. Also on the Sailboarder website or as-assessment website. 13. 1 Understand why it is important to work in partnership with career, families, advocates and others who are significant to I Ian individual.

I How can working in partnership with family members be of benefit to the individual you are supporting? Because they are the people that have been in contact with the client the longest time and they are often very aware of likes and dislikes of the individual, also they can provide information about the best way to approach the client. 2 Recognize winy It Is Imp rattan to work In teams Ana In partners Walt toners I Why is it important to work in partnership with other professionals?

Working in partnership with others is fundamental to ensure the best support care is provided. I What is meant by each of these terms: I Career: Will support the client with personal and physical needs if the client is not able to reform this task by himself. This can include: helping with bathing, toileting needs, feeding, dressing, etc. I Advocates: An advocate is a person that fights for the rights of others. Egg: Lawyers. Other supporting companies, CAB, Care Co-ordination, I Significant Others: Family, relatives and friends.

I Micas: MICA works to represent vulnerable people who lack capacity to make important decisions about serious medical treatments or accommodation issues if the client doesn’t have family and friends that will be available for consultation. The MICA is jugulate by the Mental Capacity Act. 13. 3 Be aware of attitudes and ways of working that help improve partnership with others. What can you do to promote good partnership working with other professionals? 1 snaring relevant International Walt toner people In ten clients soups art network. 2. Understanding the aims and objectives of the support provided. 3.

Keeping an open mind and learning from others. 14. 1 Understand why it is important to have secure systems for recording and storing information. I Why is it important to have secure systems for recording and storing information? Confidentiality is a right of the tenant that it must be respected by everyone providing support. I Give 3 examples of the types of confidential information that are kept by an employer: 1 . Supporting a client to access welfare benefits will provide you with confidential information with regards of how much money the client is entitled, you may also get access to bank statements. 2.

If you need to accompany a client to the doctors you will find personal and confidential information with regards of the client’s wellbeing or medication that he needs to take. 3. On assessing supporting needs for a client you may have access to his CPA reviews and past history. 14. 2 Be aware of how to keep records that are up to date, complete, accurate and legible. I What are the principles of good record keeping? Adequate and relevant. Accurate. Kept secure. Fairly. Process EAI taking Into account Uninominal Relents I How would having an accurate record of what has happened benefit the individuals you support?

Something that may seem irrelevant it may triggers other issues. For this reason is important keep a record of what is happening with the client regularly to get a better stricture of the needs and who to address them. 14. 3 Be aware of agreed procedures for: – Recording information I l- Storing information – Sharing information I What legislation covers recording, storing and sharing information? Data protection act 1988 Freedom of information act 2000 Calotte principles I How can information stored on a computer be protected from being seen by people who shouldn’t see it?

Computer information should be password protected. For best practice the password should be changed regularly and only relevant staff should have access to this I How can paper based information be protected from being seen by people who shouldn’t see it? All confidential written information should be on a locked cabinet. Only relevant staff should have access to this information. 14. 4 Be aware of how and to whom to report if you become aware that agreed procedures have not been followed. I Who should you contact if you are concerned that procedures have not been followed? Sensor star TTT memoir, Manager or line manager. 4. 1 Be aware of national policies, local systems and existing employer’s procedures that relate to protection from harm and I labels I Who are the CRAB and what do they do? The Criminal Records Bureau CRAB helps employers in England and Wales make safer recruitment decisions by identifying candidates who maybe unsuitable for certain work especially that involve children or vulnerable adults. I What is the Care Quality Commission’s role in safeguarding? ICQ Is an organization that regularly reviews companies that provide support and assess the practices and procedures of staff and management.

In case that concerns are raise with regards of the care of individuals ICQ will investigate and put new reoccurred in practice to protect and give the best support possible. I If you suspect that it is your colleague or your manager who is the abuser, who else could you contact? If I felt that I couldn’t speak with any staff member or management at my company I could always report my concerns with regards of the safety of an individual to the ICQ. Whistle blowing policy. 14. 2 Be aware of your own role and responsibility in safeguarding individuals I What is your role and responsibilities in safeguarding individuals?

When I am aware of a lack of procedure been followed I should report it as part of my duty of care with regards of the client. I What actions should you take if you have concerns after reporting that action has not been taken. I wall contact ten department AT Neal n Ana report my concerns. Http://www. Do. Gob. UK I List why it is important to report immediately any concerns or suspicions you have before? To stop abuse for keep happening. I You regularly visit an individual in their own home but you are becoming suspicious about how quickly their food shopping is I Being consumed.

The individual is an elderly lady who you know to have a small appetite. What would you do? I will find out what type of shopping routine she had. It maybe the case that she is unable to do it as usual as her physical needs have changed. This can be address to her as using a career to supporting her with this or phone/online shopping with deliver to the client address. I will ask the client if she had any changes on his diet recently. I will also ask her if she had any visitors, family or friends. I will contact her social worker/COCO or anyone else involved in the care of the individual to make sure that other staff involved are ware of this. 4. 3 Be aware of reports into serious failure to protect individuals from harm and abuse I What is a Serious Case Review?


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