Risk Assessment Example Essay

Hence risk is a measure of how likely a hazard is to cause harm ; Risk can be graded, low, moderate and high ; From the 3 hazards you have identified grade the likelihood of you being harmed from the hazards, low risk, moderate or sigh risk ; A control is a recommended or prescribed way of carrying out the work that, if followed, should reduce the risk.

Example of how to reduce the risk Identifying a risk ; Identifying a risk might include, for example, spotting the chance of someone tripping over wires from a machine to the electricity reduce risk Assessment of the risk ; This means estimating the extent of the risk (low, moderate or high) and the likelihood of it happening. In the example of tripping over wires, it might be of a high risk that someone might rip over the wires and that it will happen again. This might be a high risk.

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Controlling the risk ; This means deciding what can be done to reduce the risk. In the example of the wires, taping them down to the floor or rerouting them might reduce both the risk and the likelihood of an accident happening again to low, which is considered more acceptable than a moderate risk. Monitoring how effectively the risk is being controlled ; This means making sure the precautions taken to reduce the risk remain in place Reassessing the risk This means looking at the risk again to see if it can be reduced still further.

In the example of the wires, it might be that if a room is rearranged, the machine concerned could be positioned against a wall right in front of an electrical supply so the wires are behind the machine and the risk of tripping over them is now completely removed. Risk Management ;


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