Riordan Go Green Initiati Essay

Each team member assigned to carry out this initiative has very different perspectives that will provide a challenge for the project leader. The Going Green Campaign solidifies accountability and sustainability within the Ordain Manufacturing organization. Goals and Objectives The project leader must first read and understand the details described in the scope statement.

The deliverables identified in the scope statement are identified below: Reduce solid office waste by volume by 50% Lower energy consumption by 10% Increase carpooling to over 50% of the staff Reduce disposable break room projects by 75% quest $2 million for company forward movement use search-engine optimization to receive responses through the internet Ensure visibility on social media sights such as Line keyed and Backbone Strategies for Interpretation of Project Scope understanding the limitations of the scope will help with building work packages and scope control.

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Scope control is important, according to Richard Perrine, who states “Changes to scope cost time and money and therefore have to be managed” (Perrine, 2008, p. 61 When vague statements exist in the scope statement clarification should be requested from the appropriate person to provide further detail. The experts in that particular subject matter may be consulted to help clearly identify processes and detailed work packages to help with further clarity.

Once the project leader believes there is clear definition of scope if changes are needed, he should consult with the upper management team for approval to verify project objectives are still being met. With a clear definition Of scope the Work Breakdown Structure (WEBS) can be developed for each work package required by using the knowledge and input from technical experts on the team. Work Breakdown Structure After the project leader has a good understanding of the scope statement and research has been completed to support, the goals the WEBS can be constructed to provide a detailed plan to achieve the goals.


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