Review of Against Work Essay

During the class, the professor provided plenty of information and assignments for us. Because of this, I believe that I improve my English skills not only on the critical reading but also on the critical writing; by meaner of these two abilities, this week, I can utilize them on the paper included the content of analyzing the article “Against Work”. Consequently, in this paper, there are plenty of definitions of the article “Against Work” will be described as follows.

To begin with, the article “Against Work” was wrote by Christopher Clauses, according o the topic, it quite obvious that the content of the article is concerned with the idea of not working. Consequently, the author utilizes a number of examples, describing the reason, and analyzing the comparison in order to express the idea of not working effectively. When it comes to the construction, the author provides a general idea in the introduction and therefore he describes the argument with the special term and comparison; then, he describes his experience of working at Heart Institute so that he can assert another argument.

In the rest part, he utilizes plenty of remarkable awnings in order to support his idea and makes a conclusion. In my opinion, I consider that the author constructs his article successfully, since he offers the readers a general idea in the beginning, utilizing the example and evidence to support his argument in the body part; nevertheless, I think the conclusion is not as good as the beginning and body part, because the author does not assert his argument strongly in the conclusion so as to enforce his opinion.

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Although I didn’t speak highly of the conclusion, the article is still a remarkable one, because the frame f the article is like a funnel; it stars from extensive direction and goes to the significant argument progressively. Therefore, by meaner of the construction, the readers can receive the author’s idea with success. After discussing the construction, from the statement of topic; the topic, people should become more leisured in their life rather than become more diligent in the work, is defined clearly by the author in the article.

The author supplies the idea of not working in the first paragraph with his own experience during the youth (Clauses 20); moreover, in all of the article, he utilizes plenty of examples, evidences and comparisons to enforce the topic; therefore, by meaner of the author’s effort, the article represent a clearly defined topic. When it comes to the thesis, it quite obvious that the author utilizes a host of examples and evidences which can provide the readers with a powerful thesis.

First, the author contrast the working hours of Americans with Europeans and Germans, although people may say that they are more likely to choose leisure rather than great wealth, people always pursue the wealth by working hard, since Americans believe hat occupations and the labor exerted in the occupations are the significant elements of a person (Clauses 120-1).

Therefore, the author points out the different opinions from the four famous authorities, some believe that people should work in order to get ten Wendell toners always put tenet attentions on ten addle n TTS ratter than the official work; it brings a idea that people can prove their worth not by their accomplishes but by long hours (Clauses 121).

What’s more, the author explained the transformation of the meaning in the term “workaholics” and poses the different working attitude between Americans and Europeans again (Clauses 121). The word “workaholics” seems like the word alcoholism and their meanings are similar, because people have workaholics will put all their attention on the working Just like the drinkers always concern the liquids.

And the author offers plenty of questions in order to raise another argument that people are more likely to play if they do not require to work; however, people who work at the high level occupations may hold the ideas differ from the normal people, they are willing to enhance themselves so that they will get more stress and tedium Han other served in the normal occupations (Clauses 122). In the paragraph eight, the author mentions a conception of people might alter all with the time, Americans prefer to get the pleasure since pursuing pleasure can also become a form of work in the twenty-first century (Clauses 122).

Although the author takes his experience as an example in the article, I consider that some experience are less likely to offer the readers with the useful opinion, because the author puts too much attention on the his working condition and the basement ender the Heart Institute, these experience might provide us the conception that some work is extremely boring or wasting time but it seems that this information is useless in here (Clauses 122-3). After that, the author discusses the phenomenon, some people boast that they prefer to work rather than have the vacation; nevertheless, it cannot be denied that it is impossible (Clauses 124).

The author mentions that making people look their work as duty and pleasure can let people do their best in a long period, he take the two remarkable sayings to set the argument hat work can offer benefits to people; however, he also takes another saying from the Joseph Conrad to overturn the others arguments in order to express the significant opinion, the meaning of work is not to put all the labor in it but to find our reality from it (Clauses 124-5).

What’s more, some people exert themselves on the various aspects while they receive a little happiness; hence, the author defines the happiness by the saying “happiness is primarily a subjective phenomenon… Not highly constrained by objective circumstances” in order to mention that working so hard eight not offer more happiness. Clauses 125) In the rest part, the author describes that some people believe that the happiness are not concerned with the work, they think having a duty will contribute the ordeal to them; moreover, the author contrasting the working attitude between Americans and people in another country once again so as to mention the American value is concerned with work (Clauses 125).

By meaner of the author’s talking with the colleague in the last paragraph, he implies his statement that he doesn’t want to work one more time and utilize the term “Puritans” to satirized the current honeymoon (Clauses 126). According to ten tatterdemalion, In Alton to ten autonomous experience AT working condition and basement of Heart Institute, I believe that the author provide the well explained examples and sufficient evidence to support his thesis; hence, the thesis in the article is specific, narrow, and clear in a certain degree.

Finally, after appreciating this article, it cannot be denied that I can acquire the author’s opinion of not working successfully, since the author uses the example to discuss the argument simply, utilizing the comparison to illustrate the current honeymoon directly, and offering the outstanding sayings or questions to help me realize the meaning of argument.

Consequently, I believe that the article “Against Work” is a remarkable article which can help me to not only generate the reflection but also receive the significant thinking; in other words, the article persuades me to reconsider the meaning of not working after I read it. Consequently, don’t you think pursuing the leisure life is worth than spending all our life in working?


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