Retelling a long ago Story Essay

Retelling a long ago Story

(Marxism, Capitalism and the USSR)

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            As people with visions and missions in life, we are all entitled to have our own way of ruling our lives. When we feel uncomfortable, surely we will find a way on how to make ourselves feel better. When it comes into politics and even businesses, we make sure that we were in the right track and we do not lose any chances. Life is always a gamble but most of the time, we seek what will make us feel better.

            Marxism and Capitalism were only two among the several political philosophies which affects us in our everyday lives. These are beliefs followed by people running a government or people who wanted to take a stand. What is understandable and very clear to us is the reality that both political philosophies were against each other, directly contradicts each others philosophy, belief and ways.

            Both of these philosophies became popular because they made a great impact in the whole world, particularly to powerful countries in the past which takes effect up to the present.

Marxism and Capitalism

            Created by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Marxism is the basis of many political theories such as socialism and communism. With the aim to understand why human society changes and what awaits us in the future, Marx and Engels ended up formulating Marxism. The two believed that most of the things, and perhaps all of the things did not happen accidentally but because there is a certain for law for it (Burns).

            As days keep on going, Marxism, an unfinished theory keeps on being developed and new facts were added. Marxism is an idealist kind of theory (Burns). In present, Marxism, the basis of other political theories and associated with socialism and communism evolves and kept on being developed that it even emphasizes what good Marxism can offer. Believing in idealism and materialism, Marxism headed towards they idea of equality.

            Socialism which is based in Marx’s philosophy believes that inequality which is present in the society is unjust, therefore, it should be prohibited and there should be a way to do something about it. Socialism is anti-capitalist (Sell).

            The key in understanding Marxism is to know that “dialectical materialism” is the foundation of Marxism while communist is the practice being implemented (“Glossary of Terms”).

            When talking about capitalism, it might lead us several fields. It could about economy, philosophy and even politics. Although it might link us to several other fields and practices, in general, capitalism is about privacy. Privately owned businesses and enterprises is the highlight of this theory but in this case, we shall define capitalism as social system which is based in the rights of an individual (“Capitalism”).

Compare and Contrast Marxism and Capitalism

            Comparing and contrasting Marxism and Capitalism is not easy. Although both possess characteristics which are far different from one another, it is still a critical thing to do so. Marxism is the basis of other theories related to politics while Capitalism falls more likely into economy. Despite of the fact that differences are easy to distinguish, we can sometimes be fooled by what was written.

            Using socialism as our basis for comparison since Marxism is very broad, we will stress out the fact that it is focused more on equality in the society while Capitalism focused more on private enterprises, thus, equality seems to impossible. There is privatization in capitalism, caring about the good of a single person.

            Marxism denotes equality in some ways while Capitalism asks for privatization and business. There is no other way to further differentiate them than to tell what their characteristics are. Although materialistic and ideal in nature, Marxism is not selfish unlike capitalism.

Failure of Marxist system and USSR decline

            Many people know that the reason for the decline of the USSR is the fall in the oil business but people also believed that when Europe and USSR declined, it was also the end for Marxism (Rogovin). The industrialization which came in the USSR asked for privatization which ruined the Marxist system and ended into its legacy.


            Now that we were able to discuss the two philosophies, it is now easy for us to understand such gigantic turn in the political and economic fields in USSR. The failure of Marxism to remain intact brought the decline of USSR but we should also understand that Karl Marx’s idealism can be found in the philosophy.

            Although it seems to be hard to achieve, his belief that people should work not for themselves alone makes it a lot better idea but due to the surging industrialization, Marxism lost its way to the governments and other countries hence, it became the start of capitalism.


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