Ressurection Essay

This song represents everything that I am now as person, because this song’s entire meaning related to me during a very important moment of my life. Years back when I was in high school I was doing things I shouldn’t have been doing and hanging around with people I shouldn’t have been hanging around with. I was in a bad way in life, I didn’t have much self-worth, and didn’t really see the point of life sometimes.

Two years ago I was at a birthday party for my cousin and it felt like any there party, loud music, people drinking, and smoking, myself included. Feeling tired, I went inside my cousin’s house and I saw this girl that Just caught my attention like nothing else in the world. Normally, I am the most anti-social person and sure I am shy, but mostly kind of anti-social. Nevertheless, I talked with that girl until she left a couple hours ago, during that entire I felt no need to drink at all or tried to invite her to drink with me, which amazed after I thought about had happened after she left.

First, I had never felt that kind of connection with someone in my life. Second, the night after that party I awoke with the strangest sense of well-being, like I was alive finally. Third, it was the first time I didn’t feel like being that kind of person I was before meeting that girl. I’ve been with that girl for 2 years and plan on still being with her for time to come. This song represents and reminds me that I’m here now and happy thanks to this person. The song is called Resurrection and its a song from a Finnish band called H. I. M.

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This band is often labeled as Goth of dark and all that stuff, but I’ve heard not only do people with those kinds of styles and like this music. This song talks about 2 people who found each other and feel that they are finally living that finding each other brought them back to life, and that this feeling Just wants them keeping wanting more of this feeling. That they don’t want that experience to end, this feeling of finally being able to live. I had heard this song before meeting my girlfriend, but it had never spoken to me as it had when I heard with her.

I started her listening to H. I. M and at first she said she liked, but when we both heard this song we were Just so surprised at the lyrics and the sentiment of the song. It really defined us as a couple and also as individuals, because she was also living like she wasn’t enjoying life. Much like myself, she couldn’t find any Joy in life in almost anything. Until we met each other. This song is written in poetry style and since I got into this band’s music I started to write some, which I write to my girlfriend.

This song might refer the taxation as being “enslaved to this love”, but it’s not put as a bad way it’s only referring to how the people or couple that the song is talking about are only wanting line that says, “you touched my face, and all life was erased”, that line was what got to me, because that is exactly what I felt had happened to me. My girlfriend is the reason I didn’t continue being around certain people and doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. I felt regret that I was in a bad way before meeting my girlfriend, which I had a chance to do so many years ago, but since I was caught up in my life I didn’t met her.

Also, she helped me forget all the time before her, which were almost all pretty bad memories of bad experiences. There was a time When I could breath my life in you One by one Your pale fingers started to move And I touched your face And all life was erased You smiled like an angel (falling from grace) We’ve been slaves to this love From the moment we touched And keep begging for more Of this resurrection You kissed my lips With those once cold fingertips You reached out for me And Oh how you missed You touched my face (Falling from grace)


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