Response to Anthropological Editions Sample Essay

Significant Concept: Simmon’s article illustrates a criterion of physical beauty that is different than one might happen common in United States or other Western societies. In the peculiar Nigerian folk that the writer inside informations. a immature miss named Margaret spends her yearss in a alleged “fattening room” where she eats to excess and purposefully avoids all but the slightest sum of exercising so as to derive weight – weight that will hopefully do her more attractive and desirable in the eyes of future suers. While she is in this room. she follows a rigorous regimen of eating. sleeping and larning about the undertakings required for maternity. childbearing. and being a adult female in the small town.

The fact that the signifier. or form of the useful map of the female organic structure. is physically altered in these suites for the intent of heightening the aesthetic qualities over any other ground would look to measure up flesh outing oneself in this mode as art by the exact definition that the text book provides. Specifically. the cited intent for flesh outing the adult females in the small town was to do them more beautiful. delighting to look at. and to let them to hold the organic structure type that the small town civilization believes to be ideal for maternity and subsequently. for nursing a kid. This signifier of organic structure art. though dwindling in popularity. is still seen as a usage that is portion of an induction rite that ties the immature adult females to their foremothers’ coevalss before them.

Additionally. while in the fattening room Margaret and others will larn to dance ekombi. a signifier of ceremonial public presentation art designed to both pass on the cognition that was gained through privacy every bit good as delectation and lure her groom-to-be. Simmons underscores the belief that this dance has remained popular. despite the diminution in the figure of adult females traveling into the “fattening suites. ” Ekombi is a dance that is to be performed in forepart of an audience. and is farther considered a portion of the same rites of induction that the fattening and privacy are phases of. The article eventually mentions that this public presentation of ekombi coincides with the woman’s nuptials dark. as the adult female frequently emerges from privacy ready to get married.

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Discussion Item: We live in a society where botulinum toxin A injections. suction lipectomy and “boob jobs” are non merely portion of our mundane vocabulary – they are considered to be minor processs. despite the associated surgical hazards that each carries. As people – work forces and adult females – continue to prosecute a construct of beauty that seems inexorably linked to youthfulness. the figure and types of plastic surgery will probably increase. Is a adult female like Margaret flesh outing herself up by eating for months on terminal to look more attractive any less dramatic than a adult female “having a small lipo” before bikini-season arrives?

Conversely. holding a formal rite of transition or some signifier of induction such as the ekombi ritual allows the adult females in this small town to clearly demarcate adolescence from maturity. If a adult female ( or adult male. even ) ages from childhood in a society missing a clear mark to the community every bit good as the participant that she ( or he ) has crossed the threshold to maturity. when and how precisely is that individual to cognize when they are “grown up” – and at point do they halt moving as kids. and get down making the things that are expected of the grownups in their community?


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