Repaying Kindness Essay

Since the day I was born, my paternal grandfather took great care of me. He wore thin framed metal glasses and his grey-white hair was neatly combed to one side. Even though he was extremely parsimonious, he would forget collecting payment from customers after every house renovation. He was a skilled electrician. Thin and bony, he was especially frail and clumsy. He helped my grandmother with household chores and also cooked meals for me. He would feed me with nutritious food.

He took are of me when I fell ill and make sure I rest well and attended to me every hour of the day. At a young age, I did not understand the care and concern my grandfather showered on me – I took him for granted. There were many times when I was defiant and insolent to him. I was a picky eater and food waster’, wasting expensive tonic food or the food that my grandfather painstakingly cooked or walked to the hawker center far away to buy. I always knew that my grandfather was angry but I did not are and continued my rebellious ways.

There were times I did not want to do my homework but instead watched television I was ignorant that my grandfather was trying to inculcate good value in me so that I can grow up to be a better person. When I was in Primary 4, I finally comprehended what my grandfather did for me was benevolent. Since then, I have stopped being so disobedient to him. My grandfather grew old and his health deteriorated by the days… Little did I realize that my grandfather had developed a Alchemies disease.

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It was the most common form of dementia. There was no cure for it and eventually worsens, leading to death. I was tremendously traumatized and would feel the heartache whenever I see him. To show my gratitude and love to him, my parent’s and I would bring him out for meals and to the parks for a stroll. I could see he really enjoy every trip. I am so elated to just have brought him through the last lap of his life. Ever since my grandfather has passed on, I really missed him very much.


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