Religion in Huck Finn Essay

A muckraker is someone who exposes the unpleasant truths that society likes to pretend don’t exist. Mark Twain was a muckraker. In Twain’s book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, all the grime, racism, and vulgarity of the South in the mid asses, is depicted accurately and vividly. The story is set in SST. Petersburg, Missouri, and follows a 13 year old boy, Hack, as he struggles against society internally to hold on to who he truly is, and externally to sneak a family slave up the Mississippi River and to the North.

In this great American novel, Mark Twain utilizes his trademark sense of humor, and clever satirical writing style to pull readers in and show them the world from his realist point of view. Most realists are either atheists or nearly atheists. After reading Hack Finn, you can tell that Mark Twain is about as atheist as it gets. Throughout the book, he expresses his opinions on religion through Hack and Jim, who, while being two of the only non-religious characters in the text, are also the most moral.

Good Christian Oman, Miss Watson, is in high standing socially and with the church even though she owns a slave. As a reader, this should strike you as odd. Is one of the prime teaching points of Christianity not to have compassion for others? Apparently, only in small doses for your slaves.

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