Religion and University Supplement Sample Essay

While Seattle Pacific does non necessitate a profession of Christian religion for admittance. we do seek to acknowledge pupils who will profit from a Christian acquisition environment. Please depict your ain religion position and how it shapes your day-to-day life.

I was born in Vietnam. a state whose over 90 five per centum of its citizen follow Buddhism. My parents are Buddhist and hence I was raised with the Buddhist position. I’ve ever been populating with the nucleus rule of Buddhism and I’m proud of it because non merely does it demo me how to hold a life that can do an impact on others but besides give my being in this universe meaningful. I believe each of us was is born with a fate. which is like a book that has every item of my life since the twenty-four hours I was given birth until the twenty-four hours I die and nil or no 1 can alter it. Each of them is alone so cipher has the same “book” as anybody else. Everyday. a page is turned in the book and everything happens precisely as “written” in the book. When a foliage falls down from a tree. when the moving ridges flood the shore. everything has already been decided. Second. I besides believe that there’s no life after decease. We are born. unrecorded and die. But there’re opportunities for people who live a good life. their psyche will be reincarnated and will be given birth once more. If I merely have one opportunity to populate. I want to do my life as memorable. as helpful to others as possible. I give the best of me in whatever I do ; I can travel an excess stat mi in order to accomplish my end. Finally. household ever comes foremost. They are the most of import people to me.

My parents gave birth to me ; they take attention of me. educate me to go a better individual. Never in their lives have they hesitated to offer me the best no affair how hard they may hold to work. I love. regard and besides owe them my whole life. I came to the U. S with the desire of deriving new cognition in an American school. I started a whole new life in a Christian school without cognizing anything about Christianity. I’ve been taught a batch about the God and his omnipotence. I’ve learned the Christian worldview is different from the Buddhist’s in many ways. but I reckon my belief portions a batch of similarities. I’m non yet a Christian but I’ve been larning about it. I’m still traveling to Salem Academy Christian School. and maintaining the modus operandi of traveling to church. Sunday school. little group. I know that God’s out at that place but non yet believe in everything I’ve been taught. I hope my religion will turn and one twenty-four hours it will be adequate that I will accept Christ as my personal Jesus.

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