Relativism and Morality Essay

We are learning the difference between what is right and what is incorrect at a immature age by our parents or defenders. What is classified as right or incorrect can differ between civilizations. races. cultural individualities. and by societal category. We all have a sense of what is morally right and the relativity of it. There are specific traits and beliefs that are typical to every civilization. race. and societal categories. due largely impart to the differences we have in what we consider to be morally right.

The thought of cosmopolitan ethical motives shows that through our cultural differences there is still a connexion to the moral beliefs that we portion. and shows that civilizations are more similar than admit. There are some beliefs and imposts that are considered morally justified in some civilizations but in another. they are considered to be morally incorrect. In his article Goodman gives solid illustrations of how something that is considered to be morally right in one cultural. would be incorrect in another.

Some of the subjects that Goodman touches on are. race murder. surety taking. bondage. polygamy. colza and female genital film editing ( 2010 ) . Goodman argues that there are certain Acts of the Apostless that are without a uncertainty considered to be incorrect. While I do hold with his theory that acts such as incest. bondage. and colza ( merely to call a few ) are incorrect. there are factors that should be considered before an act is considered morally merely or unfair. Relativism is one of the ways that certain Acts of the Apostless can be viewed be other civilizations without wholly governing the Acts of the Apostless as right or incorrect. Relativism is the thought that one’s beliefs and values are understood in footings of one’s society. civilization. or even one’s ain person values ( Mosser. 2010 ) .

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Therefore. by relativism Acts of the Apostless like polygamy. female emasculation. terrorist act and infanticide are illustration of Acts of the Apostless that are considered incorrect for most Americans but in the civilizations that pattern these Acts of the Apostless they see nil incorrect with them. Relativism and Morality “Many people find relativism highly attractive. After all. finding what is right and incorrect is often really hard.

It may besides be hard to defend—rather than merely assert—that a given culture’s ( normally one’s ain ) values are the right 1s. and that those values that are different are someway incorrect. Relativism besides seems to diminish the sorts of struggles that arise over such issues” ( Mosser. 2010 ) . Mosser puts into a clear prospective of how relativism and morality can work together to better understand a civilization outside of our ain. I do non believe that there are cosmopolitan moral demands that every civilization. race. and even societal category can hold on.

I believe that taking another human existences life is incorrect. yet I still back up our military personnels and all that they do to maintain our state safe. Goodman states. all living existences make claims to life and slaying is incorrect because it destroys a life. yet warfare is non ever incorrectly because it may be necessary to protect life. ( 2010 ) . Relativism does supply a spectrum to see the universe and cultural issues through. there are still jobs that can originate. “Difficulties arise for relativism. when we consider the fact that few people come from a individual. specifiable “culture. There may be general impressions that guide one’s society. but one may besides see oneself portion of many different groups. each of which can inform one’s moral values. Relativism seems reasonably clear. until we start seeking to make up one’s mind what provides our moral sense. You have a given state. linguistic communication. gender. faith or deficiency of faith. race. ethnicity. category. and so on. but does merely one of these find your values” ( Mosser. 2010 ) ? Another issue that arises with relativism is that is an easy manner out of covering with ethical quandary and accepting patterns that we feel are incorrect.

In add-on. it may be hard for a society to see and understand that it might be making something that is immoral if inquiries of morality can non be raised within one’s society. Relativism and Morality While the statement brought Forth in Goodman’s article are all true and he makes really valid points. there are some beliefs and imposts that are considered morally justified in some civilizations but in another. they are considered to be morally incorrect. Relativisms aims to demo that no 1 specific civilization is right or incorrect for making things the manner that they do and that is the manner that I follow.

From my ain cultural base point there are certain Acts of the Apostless that I would be against if they we to be implemented on American society but I understand the civilization who pattern those Acts of the Apostless and can non blame those people that have been raise in that manner of life. As for my personal sentiment as to whether we will acquire to the point of cosmopolitan moral demands I do non believe we will wholly be on one agreement anytime shortly. for the simple fact that each civilization. race. societal category. and ethnicity have their ain manner of covering with specific moral issues.


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