Recognizable Traits of Natalie Essay

Natalie, a beautiful creature known to be attached to me by half of my blood, is a rare one to find. It took Me Seventeen years to find her. Raised not too far from here, her life has been an adventurous one. I finally have gained the courage to explore the ways of Natalie to teach you how to spot her. Eve compiled a list of easy recognizable traits. 1. Bright Blue Eyes: When you look into her eyes it’s like looking into the sky on a clear, sunny day.

They re one of many traits of hers that pull people in without realizing what she’s doing. It’s almost as if a spell was castes upon you. 2. Dancing Queen: Unlike myself, Natalie is very flexible. She has been dancing since she could keep her balance. She is one of the only family members I know that can bring her leg up parallel to her head. Give her a beat and she can dance to anything. 3. Fascination With Teal: If you place anything with the color teal on it in front of Natalie she is sure to find it wonderful.

If you really want to put her in to a trance I would suggest using tie-dye instead. It is said to be a little more effective. 4. Open Arms: Whether she Just met you or barely knows you Natalie is sure to welcome you into her life. She loves making friends and is very social. Just be sure to be nice back because if you aren’t you could devalue your honor of being her friend. Things To Remember That Will Keep Her Hypoactive: Clowns Lightness places Unlocked windows Spiders Being made to wink Horror movies Recognizable Traits of Natalie By adaptability

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