Reasons Why I Choose My Study Program Essay

Mechanical Engineering is the best study in Indonesia. Maybe people who study in other study program won’t agree about that. Why I can make a statement like that? It’s clearly because I study in that study program. Lol. No, just kidding. Actually, I have some reasons that support my statement. First, mechanical engineering is the core of engineering. Some new engineering study program is used to part of mechanical engineering; the example is Industrial and Chemistry Engineering. So if you study at mechanical engineering, you will get various engineering knowledge.

Second, Mechanical Engineering provides various aspects of skills and knowledge, so this study program will have a great prospect in the future. At the moment, many companies seek for peoples who graduate from mechanical engineering, because they can be placed in various jobs of those companies. These reason is one of the common reason for people who just graduate from high school. Third, Mechanical Engineering is well-known because of their solidarity. Even all of mechanical engineering in Indonesia has a motto: Solidarity M Forever.

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It means that all of mechanical engineering in Indonesia is solid, and will help each other if one needs it. Especially colleger who study mechanical engineering, they all be educated to solid and care to each other, to their senior, their juniors, and to friends who have same age. So, we must learn to interact each other to get many connections to others. That connection can help us to improve our skill and knowledge to survive in mechanical engineering and to survive in the future. Next, I will provide the example of people who used to study in mechanical engineering.

I choose the man who is really close to me, my father. Yes, my father is used to study in mechanical engineering at ITB. With his hard work, my father, currently have a job in one of the biggest oil and gas company in USA. He has a very successful career because of his hard work, because of that; I try to learn many things from him. In conclude, mechanical engineering provides many profit to someone who study in there, not only because of their great prospects at the future but also can learn many skills and knowledge that will be useful for our life.


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