Realising by Boko Haram around the African

Realising the use of terrorism in any form is the most critical threat to stability and security as well as that terrorism is criminal regardless of their ideology, and by whoever they have been committed,Affirming that terrorist activities pose a threat to international security and peace and that countering this threat requires joint efforts on national, regional and international ranks on the basis of the Charter of the United Nations,Recognizing that terrorist groups can not and will not be associated with any religion, nationality, or civilizationKeeping in mind its responsibility to protect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of all African countries according to  the Charter of the United Nations,Emphasizing  that terrorists can only be defeated by a comprehensive approach involving the active collaboration of all members and regional organizations to shackle,diminish, locating, and eradicating the threat of terrorist activities,Disgusted by the terrorism perpetrated by Boko Haram around the African continent resulting in numerous casualties, recognizing the need for sanctions to reflect current threatRealizing the importance of capacity building am Member States to counter terrorist groups and their financing,Noting its decision that African States shall eradicate the supply of arms and ammunition to terrorist groups, as well as its calls on members to find ways of speeding up the transfer of information with regards to trafficking in weaponry, and to improve coordination of attempts on regional ranks,Viewing with apprehension the destruction of cultural heritage in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon particularly by Boko Haram, encompassing targeted destruction of religious areas.Taking action under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,Keeping in mind Article 23 of the African Charter which, guarantees peoples’ right to each nation’s peace and security;Alarmed about the perpetually rising number of displaced people on the continent, in particular in Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon;Deeply concerned about the continuous increase of the violence by Boko Haram and the rising number of people in need of protection, shelter, medical and other types of care,Fully alarmed by the critical situation of close to 2,000,000  displaced people in Nigeria and the imminent need to provide them with assistance, especially regarding social, educational and health facilities, as well as protecting them against the sexual and gender-based violence, including from legal officials,Bearing in mind the situation of the displaced people in Niger  following terrorism by Boko Haram, which has been the cause of massive displacement of more than 283,930 people, a situation which still remains unpredictable,Further alarmed by  the perpetual rise in the number of IDPs in Cameroon of above 222,000 which is an effect of crimes committed by Boko Haram and the requirement to supply assistance and to confirm their safety,;Recognizing the basic responsibility of members states of the African Union to provide safety and humanitarian help to their citizens and specifically to IDPs without any prejudice;


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