Pythagoras Research Paper Sample Essay

Today. the Pythagorean Theorem is a mathematical thought studied in schoolrooms all over the universe. It was developed 100s of old ages ago by Pythagoras. a Grecian adult male. who was non merely a mathematician. but a philosopher. a scientist. and a spiritual leader every bit good. In his life-time. Pythagoras discovered and developed many new ways of thought. and his instructions attracted followings from all over the ancient universe. Pythagoras was a superb mind who made many radical finds in math and scientific discipline. His thoughts spread all throughout the ancient universe and had a permanent impact on the people of the ancient universe every bit good as people today.

Behind every superb mind is an first-class instruction. Pythagoras was born around 570 BCE on the island of Samos in Greece. His male parent. Mnesarchus. was a merchandiser. and he brought Pythagoras along with him on many of his journeys around the Mediterranean. These travels exposed Pythagoras to extensive cognition and new thoughts from infinite different topographic points. During the clip of Pythagoras. Samos was one of the most powerful Grecian islands. and its people experienced a clip of great prosperity and accomplishment. Trade with other Grecian metropoliss every bit good as Egypt contributed to economic growing and inspired involvement in math and uranology. As a male child. Pythagoras was taught by many wise minds. and learned approximately legion topics. such as math and music. Pythagoras besides studied under the Magi in the metropolis of Babylon. where he was educated about thaumaturgy. math. and uranology. Through his thorough instruction. Pythagoras developed his ain set of thoughts. every bit good as doing new finds. Subsequently in his life. Pythagoras traveled to Crotona. a metropolis in the South of Italy colonized by Greece. where he began to portion his instructions with other people. The background and instruction of Pythagoras allowed him to go the wise philosopher he was. and contributed to his permanent impact on the universe.

Pythagoras came up with many different thoughts that had a huge consequence on the people of the ancient universe. When he settled in Crotona. Pythagoras established a secret society of work forces and adult females who agreed with his thoughts. They lived together under Pythagoras’ strict regulations refering how to populate one’s life. and took and curse of secretiveness and trueness to Pythagoras. Pythagoras promoted the thought of rebirth. or the construct that the psyche continues to be reborn in different organic structures until it is able to accomplish release from the rhythm. He taught that the actions in one’s old life would impact what one would be reincarnated as. Pythagoras created guidelines for people’s day-to-day life sing how to populate morally. and teaching people to avoid certain behaviours that would defile the psyche.

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Pythagoras’ many protagonists in the metropolis of Crotona allowed him to take over the government of the metropolis of Crotona. where he set up a system of weights and steps and introduced a unvarying mintage. When a baronial named Cylon tried to coerce his manner into Pythagoras’ society and threatened to destruct it. Pythagoras fled to Metapontum. Italy. where he finally died around 490 BCE. After Pythagoras died. his followings regained control of Crotona. and they wrote down the instructions of Pythagoras. These instructions influenced the thoughts of philosophers such as Plato and Aristoxenus for old ages to come. The doctrine of Pythagoras most decidedly influenced the people of the ancient universe.

In add-on to his philosophical and spiritual instructions. Pythagoras made many finds that changed the manner people thought about math and scientific discipline. The chief belief of Pythagoras was that Numberss control everything and that math histories for all countries of life. Pythagoras was the first individual to recognize that Numberss could stand on their ain. instead than stand foring other things. Before this find. Numberss were merely associated with. for illustration. the sum of land person had or how many Equus caballuss person was selling. This discovery was radical in the universe of math and scientific discipline ; mathematics could be expanded further than of all time before. and applied in ways that were antecedently impossible. One manner this new thought was applied was in the celebrated Pythagorean Theorem- the impression that the square of a right triangle’s hypotenuse is equal to the amount of the squares of the two other sides.

This theorem is still used and taught today. Pythagoras besides farther related Numberss to music. He realized that music could be written in mathematical footings. and established that the difference in length between two strings on an instrument determined the difference in sound the two strings gave off. Pythagoras besides applied mathematics to astronomy. He believed that the solar system was heliocentric. or that the Sun is at the centre of the planets that revolve around it. This construct. though expanded upon over the old ages. is still accepted today. Pythagoras besides believed that each planet circling the Sun made its ain sound determined by its distance from the Sun. associating back to music and math. Undoubtedly. Pythagoras’ thoughts about mathematics led to many finds of his ain and besides paved the manner for more progresss in the hereafter.

Obviously. Pythagoras was a great philosopher whose thoughts positively wedged society. His thoughts. developed from his many travels and extended instruction. influenced the people of the ancient universe and many philosophers that came after him. Pythagoras’ radical impressions about mathematics allowed for many of his ain great finds. and allowed for farther developments in the hereafter. Pythagoras’ thoughts guided the people of the ancient universe every bit good as people today.


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