Pursuit vs Attainment Sample Essay

Everyday we wake up with a new desire. new hope. and challenges we wish to get the better of. The hankering gives us a ground to populate and to endeavor for success. In life. we are encouraged to trail our desires. Normally the chase of our deepest desires is a drawn-out one. We grow so accustomed to the pursuit. that we know nil else. We feel the satisfaction for a small while when we attain our desires. but the existent pleasance comes from the chase. If we had no desires. we would make nil and be nil. When you strongly crave something you work really hard to hold it in your custodies. Then. when it is eventually yours. your enthusiasm lasts for a short period of clip. and evidently what most people do is develop a new desire because we get bored. For illustration. when you play video games. you eventually reach degree five in universe of war trade. you’re happy for a small piece but so you want to make degree 10. and advancement. cipher wants to remain stuck in the same topographic point. This is human nature: non complacence. We are ne’er satisfied because we desire to germinate. And we ever wonder. after accomplishing something that we wanted so severely: “Why am I non pleased? I wanted this so much and now I feel nil. ” We feel lost one time the pursuit is over. as it fuels us and maintain us traveling. Another ground why this is true is because the chase of felicity gives purpose to our lives.

Therefore. one time that intent is achieved. we are left purposeless. This can do us experience suffering and we will travel looking for other things to accomplish. Just as Bertrand Russell had said. “to be without some of the things you want is an indispensable portion of felicity. ” For case. how many playthings did your parents buy you when you were a kid? How long did you care for the doll or action figure for? I would travel months on my best behaviour imploring my parents for the new latest Barbie doll. after achieving it I was happy but merely for a small piece. so I discovered something better and my Barbie ended up under my bed along with last seasons Ken doll and I was away trailing the following large thing. I believe we are ne’er satisfied and we ever end up endeavoring for more because we want the better things in life. In decision. we find much more satisfaction and pleasance in the chase of our desires so we find in the attainment of them. After all. non holding everything you want agencies you still have something to contend for. which is…to unrecorded. Once one desire is attained. another will rapidly replace it because when a desire is satisfied we derive no more pleasance from it.

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