Publix Business Audit Essay

Running head: Publix Business Audit Publix Supermarkets Stacy Jenkins Warner University Socially Responsible Professor Shawn Taylor June 28, 2012 Abstract Since the establishment of Publix Supermarkets by George Jenkins, there has been a continuing participation of charitable giving to the community as well as the people who are employed. Publix is known for being very involved in the community and encourages the employees to be involved within the community. George Jenkins philosophy of charitable giving lives on even after his passing.

Publix Supermarket is a Fortune 500 company and known for their philosophy of pleasing the customer. George Jenkins is the founder of Publix he opened his first store in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida. After several years of operation Jenkins purchased All American grocery store chain and relocated his headquarters to Lakeland, Florida (Publix, 2012). Mr. Jenkins was very good to his employees he offered bonus’ according to the profitability of each store. Publix also offers 401K plans to employees as well as life insurance and health benefits.

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From the very onset of Publix supermarkets George Jenkins goal was to be involved in the community by his philanthropy giving which included the company’s donations to the Special Olympics, March of Dimes, Food For All, and several other charitable organizations. The company has also implemented the product line of Green Wise and created “Get Into a Green Routine” (Publix, 2012). By offering stock options to employees this allows them to become partial owners of the company and as a result encourages them to be more efficient.

Knowing that the employee is a stakeholder in the company also motivates an environment in which employee ownership creates satisfaction with job responsibilities. George Jenkins recognized the social responsibility that philanthropy is only one focal point for the vision of his company. His transference from traditional philanthropy to a strategic philanthropy of charitable organizations shows the stakeholders that profitability benefits many other sources. From the onset, the focus on charity could be seen as a strategic philanthropy and was never cause-related (Thorne, 2010, p 249).

Publix donates to the Special Olympics by hosting golf tournaments to raise funds (Special Olympics, 2012). Athletes also participate in run’s raising funds donating all proceeds to this organization. Their philanthropy with this organization has given back to many in the community. Publix also employees people with special needs or minor disabilities and in doing so this shows Publix commitment to the Special Olympics and the compassion the company has in helping the needy.

Publix is also a supporter of March of Dimes, giving millions of dollars to this organization which helps people with various birth defects. Publix employees are instrumental in helping raise funds for this organization (Publix, 2012). This is one way that Publix links their philanthropic efforts with the employees. The partnership with Publix and March of Dimes in 1995 was the onset of Publix raising more than $35 million toward the March of Dimes. Between Publix’s customers and employees’ contributions, more than $3. 2 million was raised annually.

Everyone is encouraged to give to this cause because the mission of March of Dime is for the improvement of babies’ health (March of Dimes). As a participant to Food For All during the holiday season, Publix shows its support for the fight of hunger. Throughout the chains, customers purchase contribution cards which Publix then donates to Food For All. All the funds contributed stay within the community in which they were raised in order to help local people with the fight against hunger. During the holiday season millions of dollars have been raised.

This is a great example of how Publix’s commitment to the community is invaluable. Publix is indeed a leader in the area of corporate giving (Publix, 2012). During the early part of 2000, Publix created “Get Into a Green Routine” (Publix, 2012). In this program Publix has made improvements on the lighting and refrigeration portion of the business and has saved over “…1 billion kilowatt hours…” (Publix, 2012). This Green Routine has made a significant impact on the environment. Publix is striving to become a more environmentally responsible corporation through mplementing energy efficient conversions. Publix designed the Green Wise concept to increase the awareness of nutrition. Although there are only a few stores that are Green Wise Markets, all the stores carry Green Wise products to appeal to health conscience consumers. Publix is aware of the mutual benefit this product line brings to the community as well as the company by adapting to the needs of the community (Publix, 2012). One can see that Publix is very much involved in philanthropy throughout the communities in which it serves.

Publix helps improve the community by improvement of lives through the support of the different charitable organization. George Jenkins had the spirit of giving and the company continues on with his spirit of giving as a leader in the community. Throughout the history of Publix, George Jenkins and his successors have given generously to numerous charitable causes. Charitable giving sustains the causes which gives the organizations the freedom to help people in need without relying on government assistance. Private philanthropy enriches the lives of many including the donor and the receiver.

Donation to charitable organizations articulates a message to the consumer that it is a company that is willing to share its accumulated wealth. George Jenkins was one of our area’s greatest entrepreneurs and has become a philanthropist which has continued even after his death. It is not just due to his wealth but it is because of the leadership and the passion to give that has built a great place for employees as well as the consumer. One can see the difference charitable giving makes in the lives of people in need. References Publix Super Markets, Inc. Partners and Sponsors | March of Dimes. (n. d. ). Pregnancy, baby, prematurity, birth defects | march of dimes. Retrieved June 24, 2012, from http://www. marchofdimes. com/partnersandsponsors Publix. (2012). Welcome to publix super market. Retrieved from http://www. publix. com/ Special Olympics. Special olympics of florida. Retrieved 22 June 2012 from Special Olympics: http://www. specialolympicsflorida. org/support/fundraising-events-and-promotions. html. Thorne, D. M. (2010). Socially responsible business management. Mason, Ohio: Cengage.


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