Public transportation Essay

This essay will concentrate on some of advantages and disadvantages of public transit.

First of all. I’d like to speak about advantages of public transit. Using public transit can cut down the figure of people who drive their ain auto. It can ease traffic jam and better route status.

We can besides cut down air pollution by utilizing public transit. Public transit can suit a batch of people and direct them assorted finishs. It leads to the decrease of harmful emanation gasses such as C dioxide.

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On the other manus. we have some disadvantages associated with public transit. Using an car is more accessible than public transit when we live in countryside. In most instances. there are few coachs. trains and revenue enhancements in at that place. It’s really inconvenient for local people.

If they have their ain autos. they can drive anytime and anyplace.

What’s more. it’s tough for aged people to utilize public transit. They have to travel up and down the stepss when they use public transit. There are many Stationss which don’t have lifts or escalators in Japan.

In my sentiment. I can’t unrecorded without public train because I can acquire to the office in clip. At any rate. public transit is indispensable for our day-to-day life.


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