Psychology, Theology in Chrisitian Counseling Essay


The book begins with at brief choice as it addresses the importance of the counsellor using the Christian religion in reding in add-on to concentrating on the relationship between psychological science and divinity. It addresses the issues and concerns that faith may convey into reding Sessionss and how the counsellor should turn to and manage these challenges. McMinn addresses the facts that spiritual development must take topographic point with the client every bit good as the counsellor. The counsellor must personally turn to the ordinance of supplication. Bible. wickedness. confession. forgiveness. and salvation these preparations are a necessity for smooth Sessionss for the client and counsellor. The aim of the Sessionss is to make a healthy sense of ego for the client.

Once this aim is achieved. the client can travel from being broken. and get down a self-motivated and carry throughing relationship with God and others. In the subdivision. Toward Psychological and Spiritual Health. McMinn focuses his chief place to the varied individualism of an individual’s life. He proposes that Christian guidance strengthens three countries of a person’s life: sense of ego. consciousness of human demand. restrictions. and confiding interpersonal relationships with God and others.

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The book appears to be focused on the many of import properties of a Christian’s life i. e. supplication. Bible. wickedness. confession. forgiveness. and salvation all which should be the foundational makeup of the Christian counselor’s method of handling client’s. Dr. McMinn ( 1996 ) believes supplication should be used in and outside of the guidance session. nevertheless ; with cautiousness. Harmonizing to McMinn ( 1996 ) Christian counsellors should depend upon Scripture for truth by finding how to utilize it suitably. The usage of Bible should be utilized as a curative intercession in the guidance scene. In add-on. it would entirely depend upon the client’s emotional. mental and religious wellness and how it is perceived.

The chapters are formatted in a really straightforward layout. The chapters have subdivisions to turn to the challenges counsellors face. psychological and religious wellness focal point points. and besides expected consequences by each foundational component of reding – psychological. theological. and religious. McMinn farther discusses the subjects of wickedness. salvation and forgiveness. From the text. it is evident that the treatment of wickedness must be handled with attention at all times. This topic should be approached with cautiousness and merely be discussed if there is a healthy client counsellor relationship. Forgiveness is one of the other properties discussed.

Forgiveness has the ability to take an single to a healthy and fulfilling life with others and self. It can bring forth religious. mental and emotional respite for a client. Redemption is the exclusive aim for guidance and the counsellor must first acknowledge his salvation before he is urged to be a vas to deliver person else. ( Ephesians 1:7-8 ) In him we have redemption through his blood. the forgiveness of wickednesss. in conformity with the wealths of God’s grace 8that he lavished on us with all wisdom and apprehension. ( NIV ) Christ’s salvation has freed us from guilt. being “justified freely by His grace through the salvation that is in Christ Jesus” ( Romans 3:24 ) . To be redeemed we foremost have to be lost. separated. and confined. be in bondage. and so on. In the instance of the Christian salvation definition. we are separated from God and need redemption to be able to be reconcile back to God.


This book is a really good lineation of religious and psychological wellness and operation. It gives a really elaborate lineation of what a Christian counsellor should be. Having had some counseling Sessionss with my curate in respects to debating on divorce. I was able to associate to McMinns lineations. My curate was steadfast and consistent and did non waiver from the word of God as it related to my personal issue at the clip. Before the Sessionss begin. one of the major points my curate discussed with me was supplication.

He asked before the Sessionss started if I would wish for him to pray and before the terminal of each session. He advised me that through supplication I would be able to experience the presence of God in which I did. As I became more acclimated with my relationship with God. I was able to experience his presence. However ; at some points during the Sessionss I felt as if he was coercing his personal beliefs on me as it related to disassociate. I was at a point in my life that divorce appeared to be the lone option I felt I had. With supplication and the act of forgiveness and continued attempts. I was able to forgive my partner and travel frontward. After my Sessionss. I was able to happen my healthy sense of ego once more which lead to a more positive. healthy and productive life with my partner.


The proficiency of reding must be carefully implemented in order for the counsellor and client to finally visualize and harvest the benefits. This action may non go on in two or three Sessionss or may non go on at all depending upon the counsellor and client’s relationship. We as Christian counsellors must fit ourselves with the whole armour of God ( Eph. 6:11. 13 ) . The Holy Spirit should be in the thick of each reding session in order for the Sessionss to be productive and comfortable.

McMinn ( 1996 ) intra disciplinary attack to mending the emotional. mental. and religious life of adult male must be taken in little stairss. One inquiry that comes to mind is the subdivision which related to reding striplings. Harmonizing to the book. a adolescent appears to be the most hard to pass on with. In position of the fact that adolescents are faced with an array of complex state of affairss on a day-to-day footing. how would one efficaciously convey across information for a adolescent to comprehend who is presently traveling through a quandary? Would the same lineation be used in handling grownups?


As I read Mark McMinn’s book I began to experience a hungriness and thirst for the Word of God which became more prevailing as I continued to read. My spirit began to seek for more of God. It is evident that I must fast. pray and read my bible on a day-to-day footing so that I can concentrate on God and construct a closer relationship with him. This book is an first-class resource for reding for those who need counsel in integrating religious subjects in a secularly dominated society. The lone manner this will be instrumental in guidance is to mention to its instruction and let the Holy Spirit to do it contributing and acceptable in the guidance session.

Many Christian counsellors can utilize this resource to make a degree of adulthood that will interpret into true healing and salvation. As a Christian Counselor. I must foremost acknowledge the fact that each individual is different mentally. physically and emotionally. Therefore. different methods must be utilized. There is non an lineation written in rock ; each session evolves into a different method harmonizing to the client and the positive or negative response of the old Sessionss. The information given by McMinn has genuinely broadened my mentality in respects to guidance and the relationship I should hold with God in mention to going a counsellor. I would genuinely urge this book to any bing counsellors or those perusing a guidance calling.

McMinn. Mark R. Psychology. Theology. and Spirituality In Christian Counseling. Carol Stream. Illinois: Tyndale House Publishers. 1996.


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