Proudest Moment Sample Essay

My proudest minute was when I was 9 old ages old. It was the first twenty-four hours I had been back to horseback siting lessons since I was 6 old ages old. I had stopped siting when I was six because my Equus caballus had thrown me off. the winter was reasonably rough on my asthma. and my equitation teacher told me I needed to take a interruption. So when my grandma offered to pay for new lessons for me I was thrilled and I took up the opportunity right off.

When I started horseback siting I was merely 5 old ages old. and I went to the lessons everyday with my best friend Lexi. Lexi was much better than me. and owned her ain Equus caballus. I was ever a small covetous of her mainly because she could leap. lope. and jog and in the twelvemonth I had been taking lessons. I was still merely allowed to jog. I wasn’t scared at all. Despite my being diffident when I was younger. I ever took opportunities and wanted to make new things when it came to siting Equus caballuss.

But one twenty-four hours it all went bad. I wasn’t siting my usual Equus caballus Charmer. and the teacher had put me on Lexi’s usual Equus caballus Star. I had ne’er ridden another Equus caballus but Charmer before and I surely wasn’t traveling to be used to Star. It was bitterly cold that twenty-four hours and snow had covered the land. I could hardly experience my fingers. when Star was spooked and took off cantering down the ring and I was thrown away. My back ached. my face and fingers were frozen. and I was shouting truly hard. My teacher told me and my pa that she thought it was likely clip for a interruption. and I should seek coming back in the spring.

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Spring and summer came and passed many times. and my pa ne’er renewed my lesson. 3 old ages would come to go through and I started my lessons up once more. After losing all my cognition. I was now cantering. jumping. and still joging to my discouragement but I was back on the Equus caballus and better than of all time. I was truly proud when my new teacher would give me threads after a twenty-four hours good done. I now really still hold a few from when I was younger and they’re all reasonably cool.

I’ve stopped horseback siting all together now. but there are still yearss when I want to acquire back on the saddle. Who knows? Possibly I will in the hereafter. The memories and lessons I learned from when I was younger and making horseback siting lessons will remain with me for a piece.


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