Prostitution Case Increase Essay

And, what’s more, this ‘precious’ body, the very same that is hooted and honked at, demeaned both in daily life as well as in ever existing form of media, harassed, molested, raped, and, if all that wasn’t enough, is forever poked and prodded and weighed and constantly wrong for eating too much, eating too little, a million details which all point to the solitary girl, to EVERY solitary girl, and say: Destroy yourself” is the famous quotes said by the great Emilie Autumn. Malaysia had been categorized as a third world country that had received the rapid growth in the socioeconomic and advance technologies.

This globalization had made the world become smaller that all the information could be obtained easily by Just clicking on the computers. World that without any barriers allows the cultures from other countries easily influence the Malaysian especially the youths. One of the oldest cultures which does influence Malaysia and legally happened in our country in prostitution. What is prostitution? Prostitution business or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. Prostitution is frequently called the world’s oldest profession. Actually the profession of “shaman” predates it by thousands of years. 6th to 17th, prostitution begun with sole women allowed singing in public or acting in theatrical performances. 18th century, prostitution practiced in India during the British soldiers frequently visited local Indian notch dancers. Then, on 19th-21st century, prostitution widely legalized and developed. There are several factors of prostitution why women are involving in prostitution and how this social ill became one of the major social problems in our planet? The first factor is government role. Government was failed to play their role to prevent this social ill.

In some country, the government legalized prostitution to contribute their economy level. It is completely legal and regulated within 22 countries. Austria, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico and Columbia are example of countries which is legalized prostitution. This is how other countries were influenced prostitution. Second factor is drug influence. Drugs such as Heroin, Morphine, Condo, gamma, amphetamine, barbiturate, , and cocaine are frequently used and others are primarily through prostitution. Some receive money for the sex, which is then used to pay for drugs.

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Others, sometimes called strawberries, receive the drug directly in trade for sex. Those drug addicted prostitutes most commonly take part in street prostitution,. However, drugs and prostitution are increasingly becoming connected in urban areas in the developing world, for example in urban areas in Karachi and Thailand. Early sexual history also clarifies into factors of prostitution. Rape case which occurred cause victim becoming lost spirit and despair to survive . As such, most of they will be looked upon poorly by society, then victim take short cut becoming prostitute in order to release stress undergone.

Same with father treatment, mother or sibling namely incest also contributes to occurrence of prostitution activity in Malaysia and Asia. That incident cause lost victim belief to family member, past involves self in prostitution. The analysis of these data on early sexual history concentrates on abusive sexual which resulted occurrence of prostitution activity was, mass media. Flooded pornographic films, love scene in some films and magazine such as playboy, mastic Gaines had given great contribution in prostitution case increase in this world. As the last point on factors is, humans are following their friend’s footsteps.

Friends influence also one of the factors. Friends’ influence is their cause involved inside prostitution arena at first to seek out easy money. The Sex Workers or prostitute ensures high payment especially for young girl that does not educated. Other factors bring about prostitution also is poverty factor which resulted mother or single father looking for an easy way to change poverty status experienced by them. Besides that, or single mothers with possess child, it is simplest save time and payment relatively high factory Job or other service sector. Due to this, those factors had contributed to prostitution activity increase in our planet.

This was necessary problem overcame because that social phenomenon would result occurrence of variety to government problem. Furthermore, there are four types of social effects of prostitution. They are individual, family, country and community. First of all let’s discuss on the effects of prostitution on an individual. The individual would be continuously involved in prostitution with the symptoms of brothels. Most of them would be regarded by the surrounding people. Most of the times, prostitutes would be isolated no matter their age, and health condition.

Then, the effects of prostitution on a family is that they will not accept the prostitutes as one of the member of the house as they think that it would bring them bad name and they feel embarrassing. They also assume that most of their family contacts and general public would talk bad about their family and would not have a chit chat with them. This issue appears as prostitutes are regarded by the east community whom are having strong religion. This has been proven when a child in a family in Koala Lump recently had been isolated because at the meantime, her mother has been in the brothels.

This shows us that the family members wanted the family name clean from prostitution. Moreover, one of the effects on community is they are considered as the polluting image of a place. They are everywhere and in some places they would deal the business in a common place for the prostitutes to wait for their customers. For an example, Clan Hajji Tab is well- known for prostitutes since the ancient time. Most of the people do not allow their hillier from crossing the place as they are afraid that their children would also be involved in such type of social ill. The last point for the effects of prostitution is on the country.

Name of the country will be also contaminated and will be the focus of public. National level social problems would be increasing with many other activities which would be leading to symptoms such as rape, murder and so forth. This can worsen the situation. Besides that there are a lot of ways to overcome prostitution in this country. Firstly, the government have to enforce the law by imprisoning and giving counseling to them. Laws also have to be taken over the customers who subscribe to the prostitution. For an example, in Malaysia for a Muslim who subscribe prostitutes may be prosecuted for committing sin as stated in AY-Quern.

Secondly, the police should be strict in this matter as they have to ask those owners of night clubs and entertainment centers to stop operating until midmorning. They centers. It is because according to a study in one of the Malaysian University, prostitution occurred in the area which may have caused by the GROG who provide sexual services here. Thirdly, the Malaysian government should help the former reconstitutes to make sure that they are given training and guidance to survive for their rest of lives, such as, training them on handcraft and on bridal skills.

Otherwise, they can do work such as own business that they were taught to seek. On the other hand, as the last point on the ways to overcome is conducting a ‘Prostitution Prevention Program’. Destiny Rescue strongly believes that prevention is better than the cure. It is for this reason that we operate a prostitution prevention program, identifying girls and young women who are at risk of being lured or forced into a life of sexual leaver.


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