Prologue Comparisons of Romeo and Juliet Essay

This prologue of the 68′ movie about Romeo and Juliet was set in a different, older era. You can tell by the choice of older music and the older font. You can also point out the way the townspeople are dressed ,how they speak and address others. Initially in the setting you have slow camera angles and a foggy sky. This makes the viewers assume that it will be peaceful and more relaxed. The 1 996 prologue for Romeo and Juliet was very uplifting exciting and made you feel dangerous.

This version was very fast moving shots of violence, terror, outrage throughout the city and the 0410 families. The prologue was in a way later time period than the 68′ version and was more modernized . By showing the news cast on television the viewers can automatically assume that the feud is a big deal in Verona. Let was symbolic, foreshadowing to events in the movie. This prologue kept replaying the same giant statue that always seemed to be splitting the TV’0 families and their backgrounds.

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It was all bout the ongoing violence and conflict between the Capsules and the Montages. Both prologues demonstrate impressive detail in what area that they are targeting how the movie should make the viewer feel. Although both versions used the exact same poem to illustrate the main point of their story of Romeo and Juliet, these prologues give the audience a different perspective on the plethora of emotions. One can simply be influenced by the changing of music,chlorofluorocarbon,camera angles and much more.

The prologue that is more effective is the 1 996 version. I believe this is because of the initial drawing of the audience by zooming in on the T -V. Making you feel like you were literally jumping into the story. Whether it be about the star- crossed lovers or violence and crime the deciding factor of which prologue is more effective all depends on your perspective and what you believe should be the top priority for the original story of Romeo and Juliet.


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