Project Tiffany Smith Essay

Work on different sounds slowly 3. Follows a series of two simple but related directions 1. Work with them to learn more directions 2. Encourage them to follow the new directions 3. Praise them when they follow directions point to common objects when they are named 1. Work on new objects for the child to learn 2. Move the objects to different areas for the child to fine 3. Play a game to see how many objects they can point to 2. Enjoys Looking at picture books . Encourage them to look at the books 2. Make sure that there are different books Have them pick out a picture book and bring it to you .

Recounts events that happen that day 1. Ask the child what they did today 2. Encourage the child to tell their parents what they did that day 3. Ask the child what their favorite event they did to day Behavior 1. Crying 1 . Check baby for wet diaper 2. See if child is hungry 3. See if child is hurt 2. Explores cause and effect by banging, rattling, and dropping objects 1 . Give the child toy drum to see his reaction to the banging 2. Watch the child and see which object he likes the best 3. Check the reaction of the child when you take the object away from them 3. Fines hidden toy .

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See if the child is watching where you hide the toy 2. Take the child out of the room and then hide the toy and see if they can find it 3. Tell the child what a greatest they did at finding the toy 1. Points to body parts 1 . Ask the child where a certain body part is on their body 2. Have the child point to body parts on a doll 3. Work with the child to help them learn all their body parts 2. Uses chair to reach things 1 . Watch how the child moves the chair to the place of things they are trying to reach 2. Try keeping the chairs away from cabinets and other areas the hill might climb to get an item 3.

Talk to the child and let them now that they could fall of the chair and get hurt let them know if they want something out of their reach to ask for help getting the item 3. Sanderson consequences of action- physical 1 . Talk to the child about the consequences of hitting another child 2. Have the child sit in time out if they keep hitting others 3. Have the child apologies to the other child he was hitting The developmental milestones in children may follow a similar development plan. Child development has a predictable orderly sequence in children.

Almost all children have expectations that their growth and development that will normally occur in a certain predictable manner that will go across the various domains. Many children will have similar changes at certain intervals. “Children’s later abilities, skills and knowledge are built upon those acquired at an earlier age (Brakeman and Couple, 1997). With this information it does not mean all children will in the same way and that they may not achieve certain developmental milestones at the same time. There has been some research done on how biological influences may affect he development of a child.

It has been scientifically investigated what the effect of genetic influence with the use of family and twin studies. “These studies, coupled with the recently developed tech analogies of neuroscience, have led to fairly solid conclusion that many personality traits (I. E. ,dispositions to behave in a particular ways across across situations and time) are inherited and biologically determined” (Cloning. 2005). The influence of biology on behavior is also reveled in the phenomena temperament or inborn personality disposition (Seven County Services, copy right 200-2015).


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