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Project ManagementProject Life CycleSubmitted to:Dr. Muhammad Shoaib FarooqSubmitted by:Ali Adnan Aslam (2015-CS-17)Department of Computer Science & EngineeringUniversity of Engineering & Technology, LahoreProject Life Cycle ProjectA project is a unique endeavor that has a specific start and a specific end to produce a set Of deliverables within dearly specified constraints of time. Projects are different from business Operations, in terms Of uniqueness, budget, resources and risk management. Every time you do a project it will be different in some essence from the other project you do. If it repeats its steps in similar manner to produce the same output, then it will be considered as the operational or procedural.Every project has following five must requirements in it.Uniqueness. Every project is different from the last, whereas operational activities typically involve repetitive processes.Timescale. A project has clearly specified start and end dates within which deliverables are produced to meet the customer’s requirements.Budget. Budget spent on each project will be totally different.Risk. Risk management factors will also changes with the uniqueness of the project.Resources. Since the cost and the risk factor will be different, so the resources used in a project will also be changed.Above graph shows the processes of a project life cycle.ProcessesAny project life cycle mainly consists of five processes discussed below.Initiating processPlanning processExecuting processControlling processClosing processInitiating ProcessProject initiation is the 1st, most important and crucial part of project management life cycles. Since in this process we set up and define all of the project objectives, requirements, estimated cost and deliverables. On the basis of this life cycle you hire your project team, you setup your work environment, you review your requirements and start the beginning of whole new phase which is planning of project. How you are going to do this project, time constraints and cost etc.Planning Process    A common myth is that this step must be completed before the project’s actual work begins. This is not true; planning is an activity that can be done almost on the project. In any project, there will always be growth and other factors.Official approval document for project implementation and project control instructions. The main objective of the project plan is to document planning and decision-making, to facilitate communication between stakeholders and to maintain the scope of the baseline of approval, spending and timing. The project plan can be summarized or detailed.Executing Process    The whole point of a project is to produce deliverables of some sort and the execution phase is where this happens. In essence, according to the project plan to do the work, the project manager to oversee that the project manager is the vulnerable groups that reflect the development of the project. It is possible to see the phases of this project, including two aspects: make or implement, monitor and control. This phase is often called “process and control” because its initial project is not the blindness of the plan, but a cyclical process. As the screen above shows, there are conflicting plans for planning, implementation and monitoring.Controlling Process & Closing ProcessThese two process can be summed up into two one process named as disclosure process. The result of this process is to update the final the product, service, or result transfer and update the organizational process assets. Although previous production can be removed, production is more complicated. It includes all project exhibitions, such as project management plan, risk registration and share registration. This will include the official documents that the project / phase completed or completed. As a project manager, you will review the agreement and customer acceptance documents.Here is a snip of MS process management


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