Project Plan Essay

More over service apartment and office space in ABA Dhabi is in short supply. To tap this market it is proposed to build a mixed use tower in a strategic location in ABA Dhabi. B. Business Case The proposed mixed use tower will consist of a Hotel, services apartments, offices and free hold apartments. Hotel and service apartments will be bought by a local investor which will be operated by an international chain of Hotel Operator. Presently client is having negotiation with four interested investors and expected to finalize the deal shortly.

Office space and free hold apartments will be sold to local companies and overseas investors. The project Cash out Flow (Annexed 1), Cash Inflow (Annexed 2),

Defect rectification. * Kitchen and Gym Equipments * Swimming pool & Water features * Hard & Soft landscaping * Testing & Commissioning of MAP system. * Testing & Commissioning of Lift. * Testing & commissioning of other systems. * Training of hotel operator. E. Client Occupation:- * Handing over of apartments/offices to buyers. * Handing over of Hotel to Hotel chain/operator. Attend defects during defect liability Period. Based on the complete scope of work high level project schedule is prepared and attached Annexed 6.This is a complex construction project and client doesn’t have the necessary organizational set up to implement the project. Moreover client has not planned to more such projects in future. Hence it is better to have the specialist services for this project. However on clients side will have an experienced Project Manager and a Commercial Manager to properly convey the client’s requirements and protect the interest of the client in Project implementation. A Sales Marketing team will take care of selling of units.

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Client, buyer of Hotel, Hotel operator, prospective office and apartment buyers, Consultants and contractors are internal stake holders while ABA Dhabi government and other departments, ABA Dhabi Hotel association, Tourism and development board, neighboring building owners and tenants are stake holders of the project are external stake holders. B. Collecting Requirements & Managing Project Manager shall conduct stake holder meetings or interviews separately at the beginning of the Project. These requirements shall be made part of Tender documents in the respective work packages.

For example, the site is surrounded by there Hotels and hence night work shall not be allowed and this should be mentioned the Main contractor’s Tender document. C. Distributing Information Project manager should communicate with Stakeholders with right information at the right time by using right methods. While preparing communication plan, communication with all stake holders shall be planned.


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