Professional Athletes vs. Doctors Essay

These “her goes” are the idols of many young athletes and appreciated across the country by other s off widely varied age group. However, the purpose of these professional athletes is to e entertain avid sports fans. While this is a pretty dominant role in today’s society it shouldn’t be as dominant as the role of a doctor. The role of doctors is often overlooked by many. Doc Or’s are also heroes and often execute real life miracles, and have the ability to save lives.

Today’s society is mostly caught up in being entertained every second of every day, and the s sacrifices doctors make is usually ignored and isn’t usually acknowledged. The average earnings for a professional athlete annually is about $3 million, depending on the sport that is being played (huffiness’s. Com). The average earnings for a physician annually is about $1 87,200, depending on which area you work in (bills. Gob). While both professions are probably taken seriously in different ways, the pro fissionable athlete gets paid more or less to have fun, and doctors are paid to be more SE souse and not to be fooling around.

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Since both professions are taken seriously, professional at helter probably have a better opportunity of having fun joking around with each other. It is pr bally important to them to win their games, but it is more important to save the lives of people e who are in danger. Doctors are probably having fun doing what they are doing because t hey should be doing this because they want to and it’s cometh ins they enjoy, but they need t o be more professional. Athletes are probably having fun because they are doing some hinge they enjoy, UT can be more open about the fun they are having and get excited about did efferent things that are going on.

In school doctors were taught bedside manner and to take their job seriously, while professional athletes were trained to have fun with what they are doing and just do their best. Another reason why doctors should be paid more than professional athletes I because doctors are educated and had to go to multiple years of schooling to do what they are doing, and deserve to be paid as much as possible as what they are doing is important to the society. Professional athletes are getting paid more or less for their talent s that they have in the particular sport they are playing. Onto think it is fair for athletes to be paid for doing something that they are good at naturally, there are many people that would dream about being able to play in the MIL, NFG, NAB or NIL but aren’t as talented as the RSI. There is specific criteria you need in order to play some of those sports. If you wanted to play in the NAB you usually have to be around six feet six inches tall. If you wanted to be a doctor all you would have to do is go to college. You can be a doctor no matter your height, weight, age, or race.

Even if money is the Issue, there are multiple ways to get the money nee deed to go to school. These doctors do whatever they can to save peoples lives. Without doctors we probably wouldn’t have professional athletes. Injuries go along with being an athlete. There probably has never been a professional athlete t hat has not had some type of injury in their career. Injuries also go along with being a doctor. The description of being a doctor is someone who diagnoses and treats injuries and illnesses, and can resource medications (bills. Gob).

When professional athletes get hurt they get I inspected by an athletic trainer and then seen by a physician/ doctor. The doctors can determine what is wrong with the athlete and gives them the proper equipment needed to nurse the in jury back to health. Without doctors the injuries of these athletes wouldn’t be addressed o r taken care of properly. So since professional athletes can’t really have a career without doc torso, the doctors should get paid more than they do. There is more than an a 2. 5 million dollar gap between the annual salaries of repressions athlete and a doctor.

Both professions are considered to be “her goes”, but I think the wrong profession is getting the praise and 3 million dollars. Since professor Anal athletes are mostly here for the entertainment of the world they don’t really deserve to GE t a large abundance of cash every year. Without doctors the professional athletes wool don’t be able to play. Then where would we be? I believe that the doctors that make everything g happen and save the lives of innocent and notes innocent people deserve the 3 million doll Lars a year.


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