Production of Cassava Tubers Essay

This research was purely designed as a descriptive research design nice constructed questionnaires were administered to the respondents in order to evaluate the level of preferences of the project and the comparison to the traditional methods of planting cassava. There were fifteen (15) random respondents being selected by the proponents who evaluated the project. Stratified random technique was used in the selection of the respondents. The Statistical tools used were frequency, percentage, mean and t-test. Results showed that the socio-demographic profile of the respondents as to age, 43. 8 years was the mean age of the farmers.

As to farm location, 86. 6% farmers planted their crops in hilly side. And as to educational attainment, most farmers were elementary level only. The respondents were fairly not aware on the proper planting of cassava with cultivation and preparation as perceived by the respondents. The methods of planting adopted by the farmers farming their land particularly farming in hilly side areas were traditional methods. The weight of tubers was obtained by treatment 3 (enhanced method of planting cassava) produces more tubers than the traditional methods of planting. The level of preference in adopting enhanced method of planting in exponents.

Moreover, statistic showed that there is significant difference on the level of preference between the two different methods of planting cassava (Traditional Method and Enhanced Method) as perceived by the respondents. ACKNOWLEDGMENT The proponents of this study should like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals who made their time, effort, for the realization of this study. To their dear parent’s for their unconditional love and care. To the teachers in BLANK NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL who in one supported this project through financial and moral support To their SIP adviser, Ms.

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