Process design matrix Essay

Personal-attention approach is used to create and promote customer loyalty. It gives the customers a chance to get exactly what they want and voice their opinions. Process design approach Process map Process Performance Measurement Factory location California Massachusetts Tennessee Vermont Virginia Washington Canada Headquarters: Waterbury, Vermont Facility layout Process design Scheduling 8 hour shifts One manager in store at all times to ensure the opening and closing of the store goes smoothly. Inventory check) One team leader on every shift to keep team members on task At least 3 team members on one shift and at least 3 drivers to ensure food is levered as soon as possible Production planning Manufacturing cell- all Kerri products are produce in the same area in the same manner. The product is produced as needed or as ordered. Workforce Must be a U. S. Tizzy Must be at least 16 years old Drivers must have a valid drivers license, great driving record Equal opportunity for all races/ethnicity High school diploma required for managers Weighted average- under the weighted average approach, both inventory and the costs of goods sold are based upon the average cost of all units bought during the period. Inventory, 2014) Quality Fresh ingredients used daily Ingredients rotated out every 4 hours to ensure freshness.

Team members are trained on safety and handling procedures as well as how to make the perfect pizza (cheese, pizza sauce and fresh ingredients equally distributed) Coffee comes already grinded up in an airtight prepackage to ensure freshness of product. Each piece of equipment is inspected before product is put out into the market. (Inspection is done in the assembly line approach. As each piece of equipment is added to the product it is inspected y worker for any errors) Produces one cup of coffee at a time to ensure the highest quality of brewed coffee your taste buds have ever had.

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Capacity inventory Executive summary: Product Kerri Green Mountain Inc. Was founded in 1981 and provides customers with quality coffee with just the touch of one button. Their mission is to create the “ultimate beverage experience in every life they touch from source to cup”. For example, their removable drip tray makes for easy clean up and variety of coffee makes Kerri the best coffee brewer in the world. Their principal offices are located entertainer, Vermont.


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