Problems in My Community Essay

Problems in my community Our community San Lorenzo, Santa Fe -ARG is an area called “industrial belt”, in this area is the main grain exporting port in the country. This has been the causes of our problems because economic interests were prioritized over the wellness of the community. In my community there are three big problems: 1-Pollution: there are many air and water pollution issues that affect the community. 2-Traffic: new roads are needed to separate the accesses for cars and trucks. -Safety: living with temporary residents. Respect of the first problem, “pollution”… “More people in San Lorenzo area are expected to become sick from contaminated air”. The increased installation of new factories help intensify air pollution. Instead, air pollution extremely affects people because the risk of getting cancer “is nearly doubled since 1990”. Other serious health issues caused by air pollution include “asthma, allergies and heart diseases”. San Lorenzo is just by Parana River.

The main companies have the own docks there and wastes dumped into the river are out of control. About the second problem, “traffic”, we can say that one thousand of trucks arrive at the ports everyday, then it’s necessary to construct more routes or accesses because it’s impossible for cars and trucks to share the streets. This situation makes very difficult to arrive at different point of the city quickly. Finally, the last but not less important problem: “safety”.

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Many foreigners (“temporary residents”), ships crew from different countries, stay several days in our city, so we need more police presence to control at certain areas where services like bars and pubs that are offered affect the normal development of the city. In my opinion, theses problems should be solved by the Government, how? The taxes applied to the companies must be used in a responsible way through: . Designing strategic plans for make possible serious controls for reduce the pollution, . Constructing new accesses in specific places and . Improving the wellness an coexistence of all citizens.


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