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Years old Republican Formerly the Governor of Massachusetts Currently Retired Pros; Mitt Rooney is a strong debater, an impressive campaigner, and a skilled fund raiser. He has assembled an effective and out front Presidential campaign for 2012. He clearly takes being a candidate very seriously. Mitt Roomer’s tax plan is the most practical and pragmatic which is why we wrote “Finally, a candidate steps up and offers a proven, tested, and verified solution to create millions of private sector Jobs. That shouldn’t surprise anyone because Mitt Rooney specialized in turning impasses that were under performing into proven winners. Mr.. Roomer’s success as a capitalist provides a striking contrast to the failing socialism of Barack Obama. Cons; although Mitt Rooney may be the ultimate candidate, he may not be the ultimate politician. While the Governor of Massachusetts, Mr.. Rooney increased fees on gasoline, gun licenses, marriage licenses, and driver’s licenses which had a disproportionate impact on people with lower incomes. Low incomes may be something Mr..

Rooney is still learning more about. Assessment Mitt Rooney has the best on the ground organization, the best fund raising arm, and he best skill set to come across well on camera and on stage. He creates the impression of a strong, decisive leader except its pretty clear that a number of his opponents have been somewhat more successful at creating Jobs and running their States. Mitt Rooney may appear to be the ultimate candidate but other candidates have proven themselves to be strong leaders and have produced excellent results.

The real difference between former Governors Buddy Roomer, Gary Johnson and Mr.. Rooney is they can’t poll above 1% nationally and Mitt Rooney has been a front runner from the inception of his campaign. That speaks volumes about Mitt Rooney’ organizational and leadership skills. What to Look For Expect Mitt Rooney to take his campaign all the way to the Republican National Convention. Keep your eyes and ears open for more smart initiatives like the exceptional tax plan that was recently introduced as we predicted.

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Pros and Cons of the Presidential Election Hopefuls | 2012 [pick]There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Candidate I Compare Them; Republican Presidential Candidates, Democrats, Socialists, and Libertarians. [pick] by Political Editors [pick]Every contender has their plusses and minuses. This is a quick breakdown of the assets and liabilities of every current candidate. In some cases the positives far casting your vote for President of the United States of America.

Listed in Alphabetical Order (not by Political Party) Stewart Alexander [pick]Stewart Alexis Alexander 59 Years old Democrat (running on the Socialist and Peace and Freedom tickets) Former radio talk show host Currently the State Chairperson for the Socialist Party of California Formerly ran as a UP in 2008 on the Socialist Party ticket Pros; strong background in listening to the electorate and engaging in an informed exchange of ideas, charming enough to have the backing of two political parties.

Cons; has strong ties to well funded special interest groups (with very deep pockets) that are also known as ‘unions’, very likely to put the needs of unions ahead of other causes and concerns, one of the two parties supporting Mr.. Alexander is the Socialist Party. Assessment Stewart Alexander is the issues candidate for union members. Mr.. Alexander is also remarkably similar politically to Barack Obama whom he considers a failure, and that raises an interesting point; for voters that are are pro-union and anti-capitalism Mr..

Alexander may not be their only choice. The current President has worked very hard for unions and has publicly criticized Wall Street. Mr.. Alexander needs to do something to differentiate himself politically from the current President if he intends to gain broader liberal support for his candidacy. What to Watch For Because of his politics, Mr.. Alexander attracts very little support from corporate contributors and from individuals who have 401 K retirement plans which rely on a thriving free enterprise system in order to generate retirement income.

Keep your eyes open and see if Stewart Alexander can actually get his name among the choices n your local voting booth. See where this candidate stands on the hottest issues If you would like to help Stewart Alexander please visit Help a Candidate Roger Gary [pick]Roger V. Gary Libertarian Former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas and Director of the San Antonio River Authority Currently has a seat on the Texas Railroad Commission Pros; wants to reduce the scope and authority of the Federal government in order to return more power to the Sates and to the American people, opposes government bailouts for businesses.

Cons; Mr.. Agar’s libertarian foreign policy views don’t acknowledge the complexity of our synchronous and symbiotic global economy. Many American Jobs rely on global commerce and uncertain trade agreements with unstable foreign governments require a firm hand. Assessment Roger Gary is having a hard time getting the word out that he is running. Mr.. Garry political views are very similar to the public positions that Republican contender Ron Paul takes; that makes it more difficult for Mr..

Gary to stand apart and gain some Unless a candidate gets national attention and shows strong numbers in national polls they don’t get invited to debates or onto popular talking head shows. Keep your eyes and ears open to see if Mr.. Gary gets his name onto your local ballot. See where this candidate stands on the hottest issues If you would like to help Roger Gary please visit Help a Candidate Newt Ignoring [pick]Newton Leroy “Newt” Ignoring The Ignoring 2012 Campaign has been suspended. For More Information… pick] The Dirty Dozen Misconceptions About Newt Ignoring See where Newt Ignoring stood on the hottest issues Gary Johnson [pick]Gary Earl Johnson 58 Years old Former Governor of New Mexico Currently not disclosed Pros; Gary Johnny’s accomplishments as the Governor of New Mexico include; a lanced budget, zero tax increases in six years, a comprehensive road construction program, two new privatized penitentiaries, he changed Medicaid to managed care, vetoed a record number of bills, and reduced the size of New Mexico government.


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