Preparing to Conduct Business Research, Res351 Essay

In this paper Team C will discuss a situation within a company that requires research, hypothesis and variable. We will also go over the ethics that need to be taken into account. The situation that is being faced is the employee turnover rate is too high. This is a significant problem because it is causing the company to lose money each time they have to train a new employee. This is a great situation to research and find out what is going on, and figure out how it can be changed.

The research for this will figure out why the situation seems to be that there is a high turnover rate and the hypothesis will give an idea of what to do and a direction to go in. Team C will also discuss the variables, and ethical considerations that need to be required for this issue. Research Question for Employee Turnover When management should find themselves with a management dilemma, they will need to do some research as to how to solve the dilemma. Part of the process of solving that dilemma is to define research questions.

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In order to define research questions, management must define a management question. If the management dilemma is that employee turnover seems to be high, management will start by exploring possible problems. Management will then follow with a management question, such as what can be done to make employees want to stay with the company? This would take more research as to why employees are leaving and what would make them want to stay long-term with the company.

Management could observe the way employees are treated by direct supervisors as well as look at the pay grade for that area. Once this step has been completed, management can then define their research questions, such as; “Should management offer better wages? ” “Is enough training being offered to empower employees to accomplish their jobs without undue stress? ” “Are employees being treated fairly by co-workers and direct supervisors? ” These research questions will help management determine the best course of action to fix the dilemma.

Hypotheses for Employee Turnover When looking at employee turnover and why it may increase, and/or how it can be corrected and lessened, there are many propositions or hypotheses that could be used to help explain it. Of course this is based on the variables that are given and involved. Say for instance one of the variables is management’s lack of communication with employees. A hypothesis for this could possibly be, “The company’s employee turnover rate (case) is mainly due to the management’s failure to communicate (variable)”.

Or if the variable was that the initial compensation given does not match the workload the hypothesis could be something like, “The employee turnover rate (case) will keep increasing if they do not consider paying more for the work that is being done (variable). ” Again, the hypothesis is based on possible variables to compliment the case(s). What variables are to be considered? When considering a management dilemma of having poor employee retention there are many variables that should be considered. Before these variables are discussed it is important to know and understand what variables are and how they are used.

A variable is something that is being studied or measured in order to provide information or data. There are many types of variables, but the two that are important for this study are the independent variable (IV) and the dependent variable (DV). The independent variable is a variable that can be adjusted by the researcher. When this occurs it will have some sort of effect on the dependent variable. A dependent variable is the variable that is constant and measured after the independent variable has been manipulated in some form (Cooper & Schindler, 2011).

Certain variables have a direct impact influencing an employee’s decision to stay or leave their current job. One example could be performance bonus/commissions. Another may be training and development opportunities. The variables that we are looking for in this study will in some way show how to increase employee retention. When dealing with employee retention issues there may be more than one solution to fixing the issue. That is why it is important to ask the right questions during an exit interview as well as in any other form of interview or survey.

Ethical Considerations In the issue of poor employee retention research is definitely a good way to figure out what the issues are and how to combat them. There are however, ethical matters that should be considered during the research process. Making sure that employees confidentiality is kept during the process is very important, also you want to make sure that race is not involved. It is also important to make sure that the results do not interfere with the employees that are currently employed within the company.

It is important to keep the objectives clear, and to make sure that proper consent is given when necessary. Making sure that ethical considerations are taken into account are very important during any business research including finding out why there is poor employee retention. Conclusion In this paper Team C has discussed the issue of poor employee retention concluding in a high employee turnover rate. This is an issue that can be common among some companies and that is a great example of how business research can be effective at solving the problems for such situations.

Team C has discussed what the research questions are, along with the hypotheses, variables to be considered, and the ethical concerns that need to be taken into account. Business research would be an effective way to find a solution to this problem.


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