Positioning and Repositioning Sample Essay

Positioning is agencies that to find a sensible location in possible customer’s head. It doesn’t mean that the company should make a new merchandise. something different or services. Alternatively. placement is tried to pull strings people’s head and thought. Positioning is an of import scheme in marketing scheme and if the company wants to success they should do their merchandise ever attract clients. ( globrand. 2010 ) Customer can merely have limited information and they prefer simple to complex. They are deficiency of security and they won’t change image of a trade name easy. So. placement is utilizing these features of client to find a right location of a merchandise or trade name. Repositioning has wholly different intending with positioning. I think that repositioning is given a new life to the merchandise. It base on original selling program. aims. environment and happen out defects.

And happen a manner to work out these jobs. In order word. it is the procedure of shifting. Shifting is the 2nd measure of marketing procedure. and every measure in 2nd rhythm is tried to finish the first measure. ( wbn360. 2010 ) We should detect that there are tonss of different between positioning and shifting. repositioning is non merely happen out some aligning mistakes but besides find out some sensible factors. both of these will lend to shifting. Why we shifting a merchandise or services? There are two grounds. First. placement was incorrect at the beginning. and we need to shift it. The 2nd. placement was right but the environment which it depended on was alteration. So we need to shift it. ( globrand. 2010 ) In my sentiment. if competitor public a new merchandise and occupied portion of the market. Or the demand of client were alteration. it will cut down our market portion. So we need to shift it.

Why selling directors may see shifting a merchandise necessary? There are several grounds below. First of all. it can spread out the basic construct of the merchandise. Find our hereafter development of the merchandise and what added value clients need. see about whether the monetary value is acceptable by clients. Second. harmonizing to the demands of clients and different purchase motive. selling directors can split these to different types of client groups. And selling directors can set their placement and acquire more market portion. Third. harmonizing to the demands of clients. selling directors can reset their aims and do a new selling scheme. ( emkt. 2003 ) Fourth. as I said before. selling directors need to shift their merchandise likely they were menace by their rivals. Shifting can assist selling manage analysis their rivals.

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Selling directors should see their competitor’s proficient degree. services. market portion. waies of development. Base on the analysis. selling directors can reset their selling scheme and aim. Selling directors should better their quality of merchandise. if their rivals are stronger. they should shift their merchandise. even reassign their market. ( qikan 2008 ) For illustration. Puma used privation to acquire all market portions so they non merely provide high monetary value places but besides provide low monetary value places. And they want to aim all clients market. So many people may believe that it’s non just to pay different money but they wear the same brand’s places. Finally. Puma find out the job and shifting their trade name and work out these jobs. ( 163. 2006 )


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