Police and Law Enforcement Sample Essay

* Future waies of offense combat and its function in societal policy deduction * “Technology is a double-edged blade: it arms sinners with powerful new arms of offense committee. yet is provides constabulary bureaus and condemnable justness forces with powerful tools utile in the conflict against offense. ” ( Criminology Today. Frank Schmalleger. pp. 385 ) . Criminology will ever be linked to engineering. even if that engineering is seen as crude or groundbreaking. Earlier signifiers of engineering used within criminology include the telegraph. telephone. car. and wirelesss. *

* Technology used today is much more huge and sophisticated so those limited resources of the yesteryear. Some of the engineering used today include: laser-based speed-measuring setups. computing machine databases of known wrongdoers. machine-based adept systems. cellular communications. picture surveillance. electronic eavesdropping. deoxyribonucleic acerb analysis. and less-lethal arms. *

* Law enforcement vehicles entirely is a signifier of engineering. but today they house big sums of advanced signifiers of engineering to assist help the jurisprudence enforcement officers in safety. offense bar. and offense combat. Transponder-based machine-controlled vehicle location system is used within patrol car-based senders in tandem with revolving planetary placement orbiters. GPS system will nail the location of constabulary officer’s vehicles so that starters can apportion available resources. every bit good as cut down constabulary response times in the event of a crisis. Computer-aided despatch systems aids constabulary starters in separating certain location. Computer-aided despatch systems can rapidly supply information about past incident studies on certain locations. how frequently jurisprudence enforcement agents have been called to the location. and tell those reacting officers what could be expected at the locations ; due to past incident studies. *

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* Some of the most advanced crime-fighting engineerings are developed in the usage of non-lethal arms. From the usage of beanbag unit of ammunitions. tasers. etc. . there are new developments such as the “Spiderman trap. ” special-frequency disco-like stroboscope visible radiations. and electromagnetic pulsation devices. The Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) . and the National Institute of Justice ( NIJ ) test all new engineerings that are developed for their possible utility within jurisprudence enforcement activities. Technology Assessment Program ( TAP ) operated by the NIJ focuses on four countries of progressing engineering: protective equipment. forensic scientific disciplines. transit and arms. and communications and electronics. There are besides many other groups that conveying specialized hi-tech expertness to the private-security professions. every bit good as for public jurisprudence enforcement. *

* Will all of the progressing engineerings the jurisprudence enforcement uses to forestall and contend offense. demands to implement policies uses with each engineering development. These resources have led to concerns about security. informations unity. and spread outing involvement in privateness. free address. and personal freedoms. The First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution clearly guarantees each American the freedom of address and security against unreasonable hunts and ictuss ; but the Constitution is intelligibly blind on the topic of electronic paperss and the progressing signifiers of communicating promoted by developing engineerings. engineerings that did non be during the building of the United States Constitution. *

* There will be arguments and multiple inquiries covering with the issues of what is consider privateness and freedom of address. what is genuinely covered by the rights of the Constitutions and it’s Amendments. Law enforcement bureaus will ever necessitate to “push the envelop” in order to contend the progressing engineerings and methods which law-breakers will utilize to go against the rights of others. Although. they have the duty to make utilize policies. which will non truly go against the civil rights of the American people. *


* “Technology and Crime. ” chapter 13. Criminology Today: An Integrative Introduction. Sixth Edition by Frank Schmalleger. Published by Prentice hall. Copyright 2012 by Pearson Education. INC.


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