The characters in Pleasantries Essay

The characters in Pleasantries were happy enough. Jennifer and David ruined everything. Discuss. ” Pleasantries, a movie filmed in 1998, is based around two siblings who are transported into a sass’s sitcom, the morals of the story strongly focuses on change. The director, Gary Ross, expresses things like following beliefs, showing how different characters grow to have no hesitation in doing what they feel is right. The film has emphasis on family, the film shows how David and Jennifer grow a stronger bond between themselves and their family members.

Tradition is upheld greatly by the senior members in the society of Pleasantries, and is probably the biggest thing that David and Jennifer change during their time at Pleasantries. When Jennifer and David are first sent into Pleasantries, they seemingly destroy what the community had, but in the end we can see that, Jennifer and Davis actions caused it all to end up superior to its original state. The films emphasis on tradition and customs is made clear to the audience, through the characters’ reluctance to change. Bob says to George “we can’t Just sit back and tact this kind of thing happen, can you? This symbolizes how Bob is trying to prevent the changes in tradition from happening. The people of Pleasantness’s efforts to avoid change turn against them when David uses reason and logic to convey that what’s happening to them is inevitable and not a bad thing. He shows that they are only making it a bad thing by avoiding it. The older members of Pleasantries have lived by their old customs for so long they are worried about what could come of the change, yet most of the younger teens and the exception of a few adults, are all open o the changes.

Bill says “you weren’t around so I did the whole thing by myself” also when David and Bill are in court David says to the mayor “you can’t stop something that is inside of you” these two quotes display how Bill was open to change and David was trying to convince the mayor to be accepting of the changes that the town is going through. Tradition in Pleasantries was completely overhauled, it is hard to say whether or not it was ruined, but it definitely got a lot better in the end.

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The film starts with a very split family. Jennifer, David and their mother seem to have ad relations between themselves, showing no hesitation in insulting each other. Jennifer says “l knew you couldn’t be so hopelessly geeky without suffering some really tragic consequences” she says out of her anger and frustration about being stuck in Pleasantries. They each tend to stick to themselves until their wants clash with one another’s, shown clearly when Jenifer and David are fighting over the television remote.

As David and Jennifer spend more and more time in Pleasantries they seem to grow a stronger bond between themselves, and thus in turn creates a thronged bond between them and their parent’s, both their mum and the parent’s they have in the sitcom. When David stands up for his mother while she was being harassed, nee changes trot black and white to color . This snows now nee NAS become more confidant and less self conscious. This increases their family bonds greatly as it shows he is willing to sacrifice his own health for hers. David and Jennifer have not ruined Pleasantries, they have brought people closer together.

Following beliefs and personal wants could very well be the reason one may say that the siblings have ruined Pleasantries. The people of Pleasantries followed the rules regardless of their own thoughts, they had been lead to have no worries and no wonders, nothing was left for them to discover all of their question shad been answered. David and Jennifer come into the scene and change things, they do things that the people of Pleasantries had never heard of before, which causes people to wonder and ask questions which had not been answered.

David answers a girls question with “there are some places where the road keeps going” at the soda shop. They were curious about their surroundings now that what they had learned had learned was wrong. David explains to them about what else is out there. Bill also believed that wiping cleaning and the methodical system of closing up shop was all he was meant to do in life, the whole time refusing to do as he wants, to paint is all. David helps him realize that he can paint, that he is free to change his daily routines and activities, he helps him to become more independent.

Following beliefs slowly ruined Pleasantries but after townsmen open up to the ideas of change and following what their heart desires everything slowly gets better and better until it all finally become better than when it all began. Change is very much the main focus of the film, it emphasizes the effect of change and how it can be good and bad. All the characters undergo some sort of change throughout the course of the movie, whether it is as simple as Just changing colors after realizing the truth, or turning into a completely different person.

Betty decides she has had enough of being a housewife all the time, she goes out one night and as a result George doesn’t get his dinner, he is utterly shocked at the sudden change he walks around the house aimlessly saying “where’s my dinner” and “honey I’m home”, opining for some reason she is hiding. This is a good example of his reluctance to change. Most of the characters at the start are very disinclined to change, “well we’re safe for now, thank goodness we are in a bowling alley’ Big Bob says to his bowling friends as they are fearful of the change going on outside.

But as time progresses they gradually start to realize the better side and the benefits to change. Jennifer and David change close to all of Pleasantries, almost everything they knew of changed, or was proven wrong. But all in all it turned out much better than when it began. Pleasantries was not at all ruined, it went through a rough stage but at the end of it all it became a far more established, accomplished and free environment.

The traditions of the people where heavily followed, almost like religion, the siblings showed the society that they didn’t have to follow these things if they didn’t want to. The people of Pleasantries returned Jennifer and Davit’s favors by showing them the value of family, it helps them to appreciate their siblings and parent’s. Their previous beliefs and wants had been pushed out of the picture, they had been aught to believe all that they were told and to only do as instructed.

They are helped by Jennifer and David to understand that they didn’t have to do the same thing every day, that they don’t have to live a tedious and uneventful life. Probably most important of all was learning to accept change, sometimes you Just have to let nature follow its course before trying to find a resolve for it. People need to acknowledge the fact that they can’t prevent everything that happens around them. The film displays a good example of how people grow and change, learning to accept certain things and follow their own hearts.


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