Planet X aka Eris Essay


Every action has the reaction and the intensity of the reaction is in proportion to the intensity of the action. Over this, no dispute exists between the scientists and the spiritualists. One of the rare agreements between the two contending forces; the two opposing forces; the forces that normally do not see eye to eye with each other! The solar system operates to a perfect order; only we need to know the secrets of its functioning through mathematical calculations and various other methods.  If our calculations go wrong and prophecies prove to be inaccurate, the mistake lies in calculations not in the science of prophesy, astrology or by whatever name one may call it. The predictions as per Maya calendar are supposed to be accurate. Their veracity has been proved as for the events that occurred in the past. How are the predictions made in Maya calendar 2012 relate to the phenomenon of global warming and what is the impact  of Planet X aka Eris in the catastrophic events that are expected to occur on Planet Earth and can  tangible efforts be made by humanity to avert the impending calamity?

The characteristics of Maya culture and its connection with global warming:

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Global warming has become synonymous with global warning. Can human beings exercise the required controls to arrest this development? Can corrective measures be implemented to avert the calamitous phenomenon that is out to threaten the very existence of humanity?  Is global warming due to the reckless felling of trees and the destruction of the flora and fauna of our forest wealth? Or is this global warming part of the earthy cycles and will repeat itself and no one can control or stop it? This problem is highly complicated to put forth a clear-cut answer.  Whether humanity is the creator of its destiny or the victim? Let us peruse the contents of Piri Reis Map of 1513. It details the importance of earthly cycles (that will have telling effects on global warming) Piri Reis was a Turkish Admiral who had fascination for cartography. The significance of this map is that it charts Antarctica with no ice on its northern coast.  Geographical studies have now proved that ice-freeze conditions in the Antarctic last prevailed between 3000-4000bc, approximately 6000 years ago. “We know from the Piri Reis Map that around the end of the previous Long Count cycle (around 3114bc) that Antarctica was not covered by Ice while modern science puts the Ice Gathering around the time of the beginning of the new Long Count cycle. Now if we concentrate on religious documents such as the Bible and some of the oldest stories ever written by Homer such as the Epic of Gilgamesh we find that there is a massive flood covering the earth which also happens to be around 3000bc or the same time frame of the end of the previous Long Count cycle.”(New Theory…) Are we heading for similar conditions that prevailed some 6000 years ago? Two years after the pole shift, the ice will begin to melt and consequently the water rises. The rising waters will affect the coastlines. The Earth will experience continuous rain and drizzle for many years. The major result of the pole shift is, the clouds are low as the shift tears away a large chunk of the atmosphere. The river and lake rises will set in motion several chain reactions. The drainage will be blocked, change course or empty into the rising oceans.

This planet would have evolved over the past four billion years in the remote area of the solar system. The world is supposed to come to an end on 21s December 2012, as per the Maya Calendar. The Planet X is also called the doomsday planet. The mention about this planet is made by the Ancient Sumerians. Does the ‘arrival’ of this Planet X (Nibiru) and the Iraq War are a matter of co-incidence? Baghdad lost its ancient treasures during the war, as a result of looting, as the US forces did not take care to protect it. Ancient Sumerians also predicted that major disasters occur when Nibiru arrive like earthquakes, volcanic activity and flooding. This is so on account global warming happening to the other planets and moons in the solar system. The rising sea level will affect coastlines. The rise occurs over a 2 year period after the shift to a height of 675 feet approximately.

Urban legends about Maya Calendar:

According to the Maya Calendar December 21, 2012 is the critical day for Planet Earth. The calendar projects events that will result in ‘structural alterations’ over Earth. Maya calendar is also known as the long count calendar. It covers deals and predictions for 5000 years and then resets at zero on December 12, 2012. This is the terminal day for Planet Earth. Mayans specialized in keeping the records of the astronomical events, like the movements of the constellations and the orbits of the planets. Life is cyclic and calculated within the astrophysical continuum of space and time. We now live in the 4th cycle. It began in 3114 BC and would come to an end on 2012.Some of the related important predictions are: “Increased solar activity will be seen-solar flares and sunspot activity that will disrupt radio wave transmissions; A rare astronomical alignment will occur on December 21, 2012; Our present time is a transition period between the 4th earth and the 5th earth marked by social chaos, environmental destruction and war; December 12, 2012 is the moment of rebirth for the earth when the solar meridian crosses the galactic equator and the earth aligns with the ” center of the galaxy”.(Uher…)The energy that comes from the once in 26,000 year alignment will open “a channel for cosmic energy to flow”, either cleansing the earth or destroying it; The alignment convergence holds the possibility for the people of the earth to enter a new consciousness on a higher level than the present 4th earth material “dark side” consumed with greed. This means the “dark side” will not be overcome, but it will be transformed through a “fusion” of forces.”  Predictions about many catastrophic, events have also been made and the specific dates and months have been given.

Planet X aka Eris:

This planet was discovered by M. E. Brown, C. A. Trujillo and D. L. Rabinowitz on October 21, 2003. Its orbital period is 203,600 days (557 years). It is the largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System. It orbits the Sun directly and is known to be the ninth largest body. It is bigger than Pluto, 27% more massive and its diameter is 2,500 kilometers approximately. Eris has one moon, Dysnomia. These two are the most distance known bodies in the Solar System. Was the existence of Eris known to the Maya culture? The answer needs to given in the affirmative. Athenian painting of Eris, is dedicated to Greek goddess Eris. This goddess is supposed to be the personification of strife and discord. The catastrophic predictions made as per the Maya Calendar are to be taken note of in this context. After the initial discovery of this Planet in the year 2003, detailed analysis of the images was conducted and positive conclusions arrived at as for the existence of the Planet. Its provisional designation (identification number) was 2003 UB 313. This name was given to it automatically as per the naming protocol for minor planes. In the media, the popular names attributed to it were, Xena and Lila. The orbit of Eris is comparable to those of Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Its current magnitude is 18.7; it is bright enough and detectable. A 200 mm telescope with a CCD can spot Eris under good conditions. It is now in the constellation of Cetus. Pluto and Eris have marked similarities. The infrared spectrum of Eris is compared to that of Pluto. Due to its peculiar distance eccentric orbit, the surface temperature is estimated to vary between -243 and -217 degrees Celsius. Condensation of methane over the surface uniformly is observed. Even though Eris can be up to three times further from the Sun than Pluto, it approaches close enough that some of the ices on the surface might warm enough to sublimate. Methane is highly volatile and its presence shows either that Eris has always resided in the distant reaches of the solar system where it is cold enough for methane ice to persist, or that it has an internal source of methane to replenish gas that escapes from its atmosphere. This contrasts with observations of another recently-discovered TNO, 2003 EL61, which reveal the presence of water ice but not methane.


Whether human beings are the creators of destiny or the victims of destiny? The predictions of the Maya Calendar can not be brushed aside. Is humanity is being punished for its sins by the divine forces?  Have we interfered with the natural processes of creation on many counts? Have we reached the point wherein the force governing the Cosmos, of which Planet Earth is but one part, finds it difficult to condone the lapses of humanity? Whether these cycles of catastrophic changes are impossible to control? Some such grave questions will be answered on December 21, 2008, fortunately or unfortunately!



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