“Piano and Drums” by Gabriel Okara and “Rising five” by Norman Nicholson Essay

The two verse forms. “Rising five” by Norman Nicholson and “Piano and Drums” by Gabriel Okara portion many of the same base subjects through the usage of linguistic communication techniques. Both these verse forms are to make with life and yet both looked at different parts of it. They each used similar linguistic communication techniques but for different grounds. They both use metaphors and imagination to underscore their points

In both “Rising five” and “Piano and Drums” metaphors are used to associate the surrounding with life itself. In the verse form. “Rising five” metaphors were used to demo the inevitableness of decease. for illustration in the lines “we expression for the grave in the bed: non populating lifting dead” . this indicates how that every individual second they wake up they are closer to decease and so a lifting closer to it every clip. Imagery plays a great portion in the verse forms bond with life as we see in. “Cones of light” . At first we see that this is simply depicting visible radiation. yet when we go deeper into the verse form we find that the visible radiation is truly the child’s coming to truth or to a higher degree of thought.

In ‘Piano and Drums’ metaphors are used to demo a contrast involved in the chief thought of the drama. In this verse form the chief thought is the cognition of the struggle in world between childhood demands with grownup attitudes and behavior. the metaphor used in the verse form is the line “And I lost in the forenoon mist of an age at riverside keep” . the words forenoon mist indicates the autumn months and this when related back into age is in the ulterior old ages of one life. this line was meant to mean how the character has thought about this struggle of feelings and demands and how after you have seen and lived in these stages of life can you genuinely acknowledge it. The word “mist” is besides a metaphor of uncertainness and confusion as one grows up.

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In the verse form “Piano and drums” imagination is used to demo conflicting and adventuresome sense between the two conflicting sides of the statement. In the line lost in the maze of its complexnesss. it ends in the center of a phrase at a sticker point. this is speaking about how he is lost in this new stage of life where everything is different and that his whole life is invariably under menace whether he had the ability to place it or non. Whereas in “Rising five” imagination is used to demo to demo this thought as an image that can be pictured by the reader. the lines “The new buds push the old foliages from the bough. We drop our young person behind us like a male child throwing off his brittle wrapper” this shows us life inevitableness. When things turn old its usage has gone and bigger and better things take its topographic point. besides in footings of homo it tells us that when we grow in age we of course lose our childhood impressions. so casually that it is non noticed by us like when we throw rubbish off. and so it shows us that alteration if life will ever be with or without our cognition that it is taking topographic point. Therefore this word picture of this thought was given by the imagination of the verse forms.

In “Rising five” we besides learn about the individual in his young person as “toffee-buckled cheeks” which portrays artlessness and harmlessness as we see the beauty of younger childs in their content. This is besides a neology as brittle and buckled are non frequently hyphenated but are hyphenated in this instance to pull peculiar attending to this child’s artlessness at young person.

In decision we see that both “Rising five” and “Piano and Drums” depict the typical patterned advance through life ( Bildungsroman ) in 2 different types of people. “Rising five” is about the growing of an guiltless and protected male child to going a fruit and so an object which is no longer wanted. through the usage of metaphors and imagination and how the same types of linguistic communication techniques are used to demo another patterned advance from an rude and active childhood to a softer more complex maturity in “Piano and Drums” .


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