Philosophy of Nursing Essay

One can non accomplish overall wellness unless they are physically. mentally. emotionally. and socially good. All of these facets must be at optimum best leting one to work good in life. Physical wellness is obtained by following a healthy diet. exerting on a regular basis. and restricting exposure to toxins ( drugs. intoxicant. pollution ) . It is besides of import to hold unwritten and physical scrutinies at regular intervals and to pattern preventive steps to battle possible unwellnesss. Mental and emotional wellness can be referenced interchangeably. They are different in theory but encompass some of the same factors.

Pull offing day-to-day stressors such as work. relationships. and fundss can forestall the happening of emphasis induced mental wellness issues such as depression and anxiousness. A socially healthy person is able to coexist among different types of people without sing harmful struggle. It involves the ability to compromise and lend to meaningful relationships. Social good being is besides exemplified through good communications accomplishments. keeping meaningful relationships. esteeming oneself and others. and making a support system that includes household members and friends.

Illness has a physical or mental consequence. If a individual is diagnosed with a physiological complaint or disease. that individual is physically sick. If a individual suffers from a mental upset or disease such as depression. anxiousness. or substance maltreatment. that individual is mentally sick. When a individual is ill it can merely be described as the antonym of the above mentioned provinces of good being. nevertheless. unwellness can happen ( even if an single takes all the necessary preventive steps ) merely as a consequence of familial sensitivity. Person There is a wide scope of nursing patients.

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The commonalty of most nursing attention receivers is they are sick or have been altered from their mental or physical normality. The most common nursing client is a patient in a doctor’s office. Persons with old hospitalizations and those who have ne’er been hospitalized most likely have had visits to their physicians office which involves contact with a nurse. Features or traits that most patients have in common are fear. choler. impotence. humbleness. and grasp. Often patients are uneducated of the nursing procedure. therefore non able to place the intent of the nurse and how influential nurses are to the healing procedure.

If and when the patient has the capacity and willingness to larn. attention programs are the most effectual method to inform the patient of what is traveling to go on and the parts expected of them during their hospitalization. Environment There is a broad assortment of environments where nursing is practiced. Hospitals are most populated by patients having skilled nursing attention. The environment is normally contributing to supplying attention while concentrating chiefly on patient satisfaction. While some infirmaries strive to implement magnet plans. few have achieved magnet position.

Magnet position is the basic of first-class nursing attention. An increasing figure of patients are familiarising themselves with the term “Magnet” and broadening their outlooks. Hospitals are normally fast paced as nurses collaborate with other nurses. doctors and instance directors to implement an individualised attention program upon admittance. Home attention is of turning involvement for many nurses chiefly in response to the liberty this field offers. Nurses are able to by and large schedule their visits around demands of their private lives.

Patients’ places differ greatly. Cleanliness or deficiency at that place of. many household members present or the patient lives entirely with no support system. safe vicinities or high offense countries are some factors that contribute to the environment. act uponing nursing attention in the place. Some place wellness bureaus provide the nurse an copiousness of supplies to present patient attention. nevertheless some bureaus do non hold the same budget capablenesss. In this instance the patients’ attention can be compromised or postponed until the nurse is provided necessary points. A negative intension is chiefly given to skilled nursing installations ( or SNF’s ) by patients and their households.

This is chiefly due to outlooks of having an copiousness or RN degree attention. Patients are non cognizant that SNF’s are normally staffed with largely LVN’s and CNA’s with one or two RN’s to pull off the installation through communicating with doctors. deputing undertakings to nursing staff. and utilizing critical thought accomplishments in emergent state of affairss. Nursing During nursing school interviews. nurses are posed the most normally asked inquiry. “Why do you desire to go a nurse? ” The usual response. “Because I like assisting people” . is frequently given without hesitancy.

This is the easy. less thought arousing reply to this inquiry and normally from an inexperient nurse. Helping people is what nurses do. nevertheless it is a consequence of transporting out the many undertakings required throughout a twenty-four hours of nurse responsibilities. Nursing is non merely about assisting people. it is non merely about being a lovingness and nice individual. Nurses are extremely intelligent persons who encompass and apply an copiousness of cognition throughout their twenty-four hours of work while honing the art of prioritising. Prosecuting in “dirty work” while understanding multi system failure is among the many gifts of nurses.

The stereotype of nurses is a adult female who about fearfully respects and replies to physicians ; transporting out physicians orders with the idiosyncrasies of retainers. Actually. nursing is the reverse of that belief. Nurses are trained to oppugn doctors when in uncertainty of the truth of their orders. Nurses are trained to be concerned with the patient as a whole and to turn to all of their demands. advancing health throughout all kingdoms of life and non merely the physical unwellness. An first-class nurse understands that a patient needs to be good physically. mentally. and socially in order to be considered healthy.

The nurse will try to turn to and settle theses issues before nursing attention ceases. Communication plays a large function in nursing and is one major difference between nursing and medical specialty. Nurses by and large spend more clip with patients than physicians. either during a displacement or frequent visits. therefore increasing communicating and acquaintance with patients. While there are many different theories of nursing. all nurses must hold one thing in common. Nurses must greatly bask assisting others to present first-class nursing attention.


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