Violation of a child’s human rights Essay

Most of you may know someone who is either a family member or a friend ho has committed a crime and served jail time that has gotten out and committed the same crime. Not once but twice maybe even a third time. Now what does that tell us? C. Today I will address the prospect of prison aims to stop someone who would commit a crime and in the case of an offender serving a prison sentence, stop them from re-offending once released. Secondly, to punish those who commit serious crime. Thirdly, to encourage reform and rehabilitation of those who are sent to prison.

II. Need First I will like to discuss… A. The nations prison system must change because of major problems with he system such as overcrowding and the fact that early release programs do not work. So perhaps the main principle for sending people to prison is simply revenge for committing the crime; we feel they need to be punished, something that I believe is very fair. According to “Do prison’s work” by Iranian on June 17, 2013. Punishment and revenge are not the only principals behind the treatment of offenders; it goes much deeper than that. B.

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This stands as in handing out sentences, perhaps tougher in some circumstances will stop the offender from re-committing crime and also there around them from following in the same footsteps. If you can scare somebody with a sentence, then are they less likely to commit a crime for fear Of the consequences if they are caught. C. A really scary part of the problems is that younger prisoners are coming out of jail as more accomplished criminals. Young kids are kept in prison to long, and they learn from other criminals. When they are paroled, they are better criminals, and they won’t get caught as easily.

How is jail working if criminals are being released better at their crimes from when they were first intended to imprisonment? Ill. Satisfaction Step Now that you are aware of these problems….. As we all know high crime rate brings many people great fear for leaving their homes. Despite the negative attitude that little can be done to stop the crime, I believe there are several approaches to control it, although not completely eliminate it. A. Education is an essential element in reducing the crime rate in the long run.

According to ” Prison does work ” Here’s the proof by Daniel Green Daily Mail, December 8, 2010. Having more educational content available to mates then violet reckless news that gives them ideas to feed off. B. The inappropriate coverage of crime by the media also contributes to driving up the crime rate. For instance, the media tend to cover the bloody and violent scene in order to boost the ratings or circulations, which may arouse a potential criminals to commit a crime and instruct them how to achieve it. The coverage of media should be checked carefully and restricted to some extend.

C. There are a number Of reasons to believe that education will affect subsequent crime. First, schooling increases the returns to legitimate work, gassing the opportunity costs of unlawful behavior. D. Education may directly affect the financial or psychic rewards from crime itself. Schooling may alter preferences in indirect ways, which may affect decisions to engage in crime. IV. Visualization Step A. These suggestions that an increase in an individuals schooling attainment should cause a decrease in his/her subsequent probability of engaging in crime.

According to ” The Effect of Education on Crime”: Evidence from Prison Inmates, Arrests and Self -Reports by Lance Lecher and Enrich Merit on October 23, 2003. B. Education may also lower the probability of detection and punishment or reduce sentence lengths handed out by judges. C. As long as schooling increases the marginal return to work more than crime and schooling does not decrease patience levels or increase risk aversion. V. Action Step Coming to a conclusion…. A. Finally to a certain extent we all realize the prison system could work but there is still a great deal of room for improvement.

B. As have stated before it is easy to simply dictate the way to make the system better but the reactive developments need to be looked upon as realistically as possible. C. We all really need to research extensively into the prison life, everything that happens in prisons must be monitored so we can finally have hard facts to how the current prison system currently stands. I believe education and rehabilitation are always going to be the key factors in prisons. They are what needed focusing in on so more people leaving prison could find employment and the re-offending rate would drop dramatically.


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