Persuasive response Essay

Therefore conflict rays on all sides which make it hard for people to remain as an outsiders and being viewed as biased. Sometimes when conflicts occur, the truth on what people perceived is often viewed as a matter of self-opinion rather than reality. The discussions between the European people on the Japanese people in the film, ‘Paradise Road’ can be viewed as a self-opinion truth. The conversation revealed a racial prejudice against the Japanese which highlights on the dramatic effects on how people think of other people because of where they are from and what they do.

People often make assumption on there due to experiences therefore cannot predict what can exactly happened. The viewed on the Japanese people have put the European people to have not realized that what they perceive is wrong and cannot be judge on the Japanese. Hence the European people have taking a side of themselves as better than the Japanese people and stating how the Japanese people cannot do things like they can. The perception on the Japanese is only on one side and they did not have any other thoughts on taking a step further of thinking onwards.

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As people lives on people experiences many difficulties which may lead them to have different views and beliefs from each other and where they want to stand. It is a natural occurrence to take sides as human being, people all have different beliefs and values of thinking and which is why some chooses to pick where they want to stand. As viewed in ‘Paradise Road’, when the Japanese officer asked for a favor if the orchestra can sing a Japanese folks song, this puts Adrienne to reject with an unpleasant voice.

Hence, there are values in peoples life as shown, which made Adrienne to make a choice to stay and remain respectful towards her country and herself. So when there are conflicts happening around the people, many will choose the closest ones to them and what they value the best and pick the sides they want to stand on. Everyone have a choice for where they want to stand and may find more common objectives from other people around them.

In order to have a solution within different types of conflict, people are able to find where they stand and may discover what they believe is best for them. Individuals may have common goals in order to learn and survive through their struggles and make it better for everyone else. At the camp in ‘Paradise Road’, it shows the necessary of struggles the women prisoners have to go through. At first there was an interpersonal conflict within the women at the camp due to the differences of nationality.

But as days pass the women learn that in order for them to have a better life they learn to aim for the same goal in which they want to achieve. Having to have a common goal the women learn how to survive and which demonstrates to people a great strength of power within one-selves. When conflict arises, everyone have a role that they have to take. It is like a big stormy day where things will keep on spreading until everyone is at one place where they think it will be safe for them despite the worries and pain they are experiencing.

Conflict can occur in the playground or can be large scale like World war which evolved everyone around the world. Despite all the suffering the women in Paradise Road have been through, the women cannot take the harsh punishment and crucial penalty that the Japanese did to them. They will always see the Japanese as their enemy because of the way they treated them without the respect that is shown to all the women. Therefore to be remaining as outsiders may be impossible in conflict.


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