Personality Development of College Students in Instructor Status Essay

Personality Development of College Students in Instructor status and role of Instructor status quality status and role of personality  University Students is the counselor’s work. To do this work, accurately grasp the situation of personality of students, instructors need to constantly improve the quality of working capacity and business education to meet the needs of Personality Development.

Only seize the focus, to take scientific and effective methods of work, training and education to the students personality and realistically do a good job, focus on to achieve results. ;lt;;lt;Colleges and Universities Counselors requirements;gt;;gt; General pointed out: counselors to carry out ideological and political education is the backbone of a Higher Education and the daily management of the ideological and political organizers, practitioners and mentors.

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Students The task is: to the core ideals and convictions, deep people establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values education, patriotic education as the focus, depth to carry forward and cultivate the national spirit education to the basic code of Ethics based on deep civic and moral education, moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development as the goal, deep people quality education.

College is prepared to society of life, but also psychological maturing the critical initial period of socialization, learning to be fundamental in life, so step into adolescence, adulthood to seize this critical period, training students to promote student health healthy personality growth is Higher Education a top priority. In college, counselor’s job is to manage the daily college students live and study.

Therefore, the counselor’s words, the line directly affect students, counselors of all the personality is the counselor, that counselor own personality is the most valuable place. to make college students trained to adapt to the development and needs, instructors must first pay attention to their cultivation of virtue, it may be by word and deed, training students produced an excellent line. First, the concept and the more defined personality For the meaning of personality, and we share the view: a personality who has been the performance that is retained in the image of others.

He includes the people’s values, ways of thinking and psychological development of the perfect combination with the outside world. Personality is about a great extent in a person’s explicit and implicit behavior, how a person’s personality, the cognitive model, emotional characteristics, attitudes toward, behavior, what behavior will be, due to environmental, cultural, experience and so different, people have their own developmentprocess in the formation of distinct personality characteristics. chools not only disseminate knowledge, but also to focus on the students personality. Therefore, character education has become the main trend of the world is also the focus of quality education. The rise of knowledge economy, not only shocked the production of human society and way of life, but also the impact of the traditional education system.

Many countries are exploring and research for thedevelopment of education in today’s society, such as the old version made in the 21st Century educational goal is an open heart, strong physique, rich creativity, freedom, the spirit of self-discipline; Singapore from a focus on education to get out of IQ, attention to sentiment education; United States an important pArt of education is character education; German education reform An important aspect is that schools not only disseminate knowledge, but also to care about the students character, the cultivation of character.

At present the focus of education has started from the ‘intellectual development, steering’ V cell culture. ”  Second, the status of personality of students Currently, the status of personality of students there are many problems. In contemporary college students, one child account for a significant proportion. They were well-care and elder care, the never experienced the hard life of discipline and ??

L,” Li setback test, the lack of firm faith and tenacious pursuit; family caused by the economic disparity between the lives of college students is too large, the hearts of many college students to cast a thick shadow; university study on the change, university enrollment the employment pressure from adolescence to adulthood physical and ?? L. ,” change management, etc. , are all college students “in character ‘reasons for the formation. pecific performance is as follows:  (A) both the experienced and knowledgeable, and good chip missing  As experienced the baptism of the Internet age, extensive knowledge, large amount of information is an indisputable fact that most students are now informed, singers, movie stars, star anecdotes; the Middle East peace, Palestinian Bureau of things, clothing brand, fashion, and so it seems are all known, but they only see the infinite stars, but I do not know stardom of frustrations, only to see the terrorist bombs do not understand the Israeli-Palestinian feud to stimulate the U.

S. to the power; know brand fashion popular fashion, do not know their cultural background and history. (B) pompous, and self-esteem In recent years, with the “two high” enrollment, the result is not very good students into a vocational college. On the one hand that dwarf a vocational school, on the other hand afraid of people look down on yourself. With the living environment, learning characteristics, relationships change, highlight the contradiction between self and the environment, leading to extreme behavior. (C) both advocate freedom, but also a lack of self-

With the growth of physical, psychological self-consciousness is also awakening, they Duirenduishi have their own views, showing a strong sense of ownership. The one hand, cultural and sports activities organized in schools and the courage to put forward in comparison to bold, fashion planning, individuality and the teacher’s approval. On the other hand, the period of education from secondary school to university not suited to the conscious learning process, compulsory sit in elective courses will escape into the atmosphere between the students even some people pay someone lectures. D) has paid attention to self, and lack of accountability  Most college students are now born in the eighties child, only son because of social and family care and care of the transition, some students are always self-centered. Focus on self-worth, dilute the social value; importance of personal future, the lack of social ideals . When the public interests and personal interests conflict, the individual-based, the lack of social and collective dedication to the spirit of collaboration.

So, selfish, selfish, aloof, inability to combat and setbacks to become the mainstream of contemporary child character; and self-to middle L,} orientation, low self-esteem, self-enclosed, self-indulgence, self-conflict, excessive self-concern, too introverted, withdrawn, narrow-minded, paranoid ideation, depression, anxiety, apathy, and so have different levels of performance. Third, change the status quo is necessary to improve students personality overall quality of instructors  Great educator Owen said: “to educate people is to form a person’s character. Buber also his <<character EDUCATION “;gt; that read:” real education, in essence, character education. ”  Important speech, Hu Jintao pointed out: “National Universities should always carry out the Party’s education policy, adhere to school education, people-oriented, moral virtue, wisdom, first, give full play to the position of ideological and political education, the main classroom, the main channel Role. deological and political education to promote comprehensive, multi-direction to promote comprehensive development of students. ”  Educating people, as the first socialist moral education must adhere to the statutory colleges and universities is a fundamental principle, the basic principles that determine the importance of student work. Thus, changes in personality situation must improve students overall quality of instructors. (A) political quality

Counselors must work hard to study Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, must have a high level of political theory, a firm and correct political orientation, combined with the specific circumstances of the school and student problems, and vigorously promote, educate and guide students to establish a correct outlook on the world , life, values, concept of money. pursuit of higher goals, and establish the lofty ideal of communism, established the firm belief of Marxism. B) the professional quality As the saying goes: blacksmith first own hardware. Particularly in the updating of knowledge, theinformation explosion era, counselors take the initiative to learn, good at learning. With the most advanced ideas and technology to arm themselves. Do not understand the historical, scientific and cultural knowledge is shallow and organizations is not strong will not do a good job. Therefore, counselors must have the following outstanding ability to:  1. Examining and solving problems.

That is the problem with the observation, analyze problems, distinguish right from wrong, Quweicunzhen, the ability to overcome the one-sided. Reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http://eng. hi138. com 2. research and resolve problems ability. who are vastly different, ever-changing ideas, often contradictory swirl of disputes occur. Therefore, counselors wise to have a calm and thinking, good at research, identify problems, prioritize, ask the right approach to do to “Hear all” capability. 3.

Organizational advocacy capacity. With new features integrated into the ideals and beliefs to the flexible and diverse educational campus activities. Counselors to have a certain language skills and writing skills, study ways to improve efficiency. In the mixed The students found that mining, advanced model train set to make the campus radio sound, wall panels on the tangible, visible on the school magazine. led the students to create an atmosphere, I believe the power of example is endless. 4. Summarized capacity.

To be good at continuous learning and practice, constantly sum (summing up successful experience, induction failures) in order to progress. S. coordination. Honesty is the basis of communication. Fair and doing things, equal treatment is the successful communication of rules, students work in coordination is especially important. (C) moral General Secretary Hu Jintao put forward ‘, / and Dos and Don’ts “of the concept of honor that:” A harmonious society is, a country can achieve long-term stability, all members of society depends largely on the ideological and moral standards.

There is no common good faith, without good Ethics is not to achieve social harmony. “This passage reinforces the general secretary of our people to the socialist concept of honor deeply the necessity and urgency of education, strengthen ideological and moral construction, adhere to the” Eight Dos and Don’ts “to establish and carry forward the socialist concept of honor is all current and future students and faculty work together to build a core task of harmonious campus. o the spirit of” Virtue “thinking arm our minds, strengthen the moral training, is constantly manipulation of exchange and collision own moral emotion, moral consciousness, moral beliefs, moral habits have improved. to laughs at himself first, at work, treat people civilized manner, style and honest, principled, honorable, to help people, understanding, love people. only what they seem, as its word, the students will get the trust and respect. (D) quality of innovation Spirit of innovation is the “Three Represents” Important Thought of features. nnovation is the creator of the quality of the overall quality (including the people’s ideals, awareness, perseverance, courage, motivation, confidence, interest, spirit, and risk factors of non-intellectual character of the composition of ), is a positive psychological approach to explore, is a positive change themselves and change the resilience of the environment. today’s world, innovation is increasingly becoming a country, one nation, one determinant of survival and development. he face of diversity becoming more and more, and students are ever-changing ideas, counselors should take the initiative to apply new ideas and solutions to emerging new situations and new problems, strive to improve their work quality and ability of innovation. Only innovation will make always maintain the vitality of the work will make people feel a sense of achievement and happiness, will make our old national rejuvenation, prosperity. Fourth, the work of character education in the counselor’s position and ole  University shoulders great responsibility for the economic future of the applicability of training high quality personnel responsibility, “students good character” has become the core of the work of college counselors. Counselors must have a plan, a destination guide, training students, the students really trained to self-self, courage and knowledge, active thinking, thinking positive, helpful people building a harmonious society. Development needs of the community is knowledgeable, dare to practice, innovation, dedication, self-dedication, rigorous and realistic people.

If the character does not sound difficult to do something in the future. Therefore, training students a sound, healthy, self-Up personality in the core of counselorsworking in the establishment of a certain sense, because the overall quality of personality is a person’s collective performance, it involves both political consciousness, moral character, educational level and ability to adapt to other aspects, education and training of personality, is a systems engineering for college students.

And Instructors addition to the management, guide the students to complete their education and improve the professional and cultural levels, mainly through play and other student organizations, the Communist Youth League organizations, accurately grasp the situation of personality of students, improve their own Personality. n the basis of the availability of role models, carry out a variety of educational activities, students establish a correct outlook on life and values; establish a good morality, civilization, dedication, integrity, good moral to do in the new period ; establish new ideas, concepts, self-discipline, innovation, unity, dedication, doing new construction and all of society; tree hard, specializes in, with high professional skills and the ability to work an artist.

I believe that education is the cultivation of Personality counselor at the heart, while the quality of education students also plays a decisive role in the success or failure. We all know, without a healthy and noble character of the students, which has a high professional knowledge is not re- will become pillars of society, can only become the dregs of society. personality status and role of education, requiring counselors to personal training and ducation must be centered, focusing on training and education from the following three aspects. First, we must grasp this basic moral education, to take multiple forms in the traditional virtues of social morality, professional Ethics and revolutionary tradition, initiated by General Secretary Hu Jintao “Eight Honors and Eight Shames, as the standard, students establish a correct moral concept, guide the students in the social, unit, home, made with traditional virtues, observe social ethics and good professional ethics.

Secondly, we must seize this key concept of education, education of students with a flair for innovation, pioneering spirit, strict self-discipline, willing to sacrifice, to establish a correct outlook on life and values, in practice, continuous learning, the courage to explore new ideas, pioneers , the concept made new. Again, make quality education, capacity-building as the core of personality development and the end point.

Imagine even a moral good, the concept of new, but the ability of mediocrity, what power do not, what will not dry, so people can only be a fool, mediocre. Therefore, in the culture of personality, the ability of students to pay special attention to training, to carry out various social activities, conduct quiz competitions, keynote speeches, debates and other activities against and train students to understand the issues , analyze and solve problems, to do with the quality of the artist. Links


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