Personal Responsibility Essay

My essay paper revolves around personal responsibility that deals with individuals and education. With the references I chosen, I have researched many articles on the subject personal responsibility that has to do with education and have found that these articles is highly related to what I have to say in my essay. One of the articles that I have chosen is mostly based on statistics and surveys, which could give me a better understanding of a wide range of people.

While the other articles goes in depth on how personal responsibility relates to higher education. I have learned a lot from these articles and have better and bigger understanding on how personal responsibility should be related with higher learning. Will these references strengthen or weaken my essay? I believe these articles will definitely strengthen my essay as there is a lot of statistics that have been done on the subject and a lot of good key points.

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With these researchers and authors, they have done a lot a research in this area, so would say these articles will be reliable references for my essay. In conclusion, when it comes to personal responsibility and higher learning or education, it is a pretty broad area and there can be many resources. I have read and skimmed through a whole bunch of articles and I believe these references will indeed help my essay.


Development of the PRO-SDLS: A Measure of Self-Direction in Learning Based on the Personal Responsibility Orientation Model. (2011, May). Adult Education Quarterly, 61(2), 161-180. University Library. Fostering Personal & Social Responsibility on College & University Campuses. (2005, Summer/Fall). Liberal Education, 91(3), 6-13. University Library. Do Colleges Develop Students’ Personal and Social Responsibility? (2008, Spring). Presidency, 11(2), 1-10. University Library; www. aacu. org/core_commitments/documents/PSRII_Findings_ April2008. pdf


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