Performance Measures Sample Essay

If there is a discrepancy inquiry on the appraisal it will be around the existent figure of pre-packed sandwiches produced during the twelvemonth and the existent costs incurred in doing the sandwiches. It seems likely we would be asked to make the discrepancies for one month’s production. or overall discrepancies for the full twelvemonth. when given existent measures produced and costs incurred in the excess information on the twenty-four hours of appraisal. It would besides be probably that we reconcile the existent net incomes with the budgeted net incomes for the month.

On the following page is a list of the appropriate discrepancies for mention in the appraisal and when reading through the followers. The procedure for happening the discrepancies and making the net income rapprochement is as follows:

? When given the existent figure produced for the month/year. comparison with what the budget was for the month/year and from there the gross revenues discrepancies can be worked out ( part = selling monetary value – cost of production ) . There will be no gross revenues monetary value discrepancy since sandwiches were sold at budget monetary value.

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? ( This following measure may non be necessary judgment from what is in the stuff. but merely in instance we’re asked to fix the flexed budget I’ve included it anyhow ) To fix a flexed budget. multiply what the expected cost of materials/labour/production costs were by the existent quantity/time given. These are the figures for budgeted costs for existent production.

? To acquire the budgeted time/quantity as required by the use and efficiency discrepancy expression. multiply what the expected measure or clip is by the existent degree of production.

? The stuffs and labour discrepancies are reasonably self-explanatory. It would likely be less complicated to calculate the stuff discrepancies for the staff of life and the filler individually and add them together at the terminal to happen the overall stuff discrepancy. The excess information on the twenty-four hours could give either the existent costs incurred for stuffs and labor or the existent measures of clip spent. filler used or bread/slices used. Be careful with the staff of life if this is the instance as the standard unit per sandwich is two pieces ( sounds obvious. but caused me some confusion yesterday! ) . Besides we may be given the labour rate per hr or something like that so make sure you convert the rate into rate per unit produced to do computations easier ( be careful if they say every bit good that the sum of clip it took to fix each sandwich was longer/shorter when calculating your rate – this makes it a spot slippery but I don’t believe they’d inquire this ) .

? Packaging costs are a variable production operating expense – usage appropriate variable overhead discrepancy expression. It is of import to recognize this cost is non fixed ; it will increase as its cost driver. the degree of production. additions.

? Fixed costs per the criterion cost card in the information already given are considered a fixed operating expense cost. There will merely be a disbursement discrepancy here if the excess information given tells us the existent fixed costs are different from the outlook ( expectation = budget figure of sandwiches sold in period * fixed cost per sandwich as on page 7 ) . There is no other discrepancy to see than the disbursement discrepancy for the fixed costs.

? The rapprochement of budgeted to existent net income for the period is hard to explicate in words and I’d recommend holding a read through the illustration get downing at page 613 of the direction accounting text edition as it is a good illustration of this. with the existent rapprochement on page 617. I don’t believe it’d be necessary or worthwhile in the appraisal including the per centums as they have in the illustration rapprochement. The overall thought is that from the budgeted net income. you add the favorable discrepancies and take away the inauspicious discrepancies to stop up giving you the existent net income figure for the twelvemonth.

? Besides included in the formula sheet below are market size and portion discrepancies. There has been nil in the stuff to propose they might inquire this and I think it’d be really improbable that they would but they are still included merely in instance.

I think it is improbable there will be usage discrepancies for stuffs and discrepancies will largely be monetary value discrepancies ( which will travel some manner to explicating why the 50 % border on gross revenues was non achieved for pre-packed sandwiches ) . If you have any inquiries about any of that or if you spot a error or something so acquire in contact with me ; my extension is 7332 and I sit on the fourth floor. bunch A.


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