People Should Look After Their Health as a Duty to Society They Live in Rather Than Personal Benefits Essay

It has long been believed that an individual’s wellness is a private affair. However. in modern-day society. where human interaction is frequent and medical costs are high. the wellness of any single concerns the whole community.

Society as a whole suffers when an person falls ill. Nowadays. a disease can distribute really rapidly between people in the same community and even across national boundary lines. If a individual patient is non diagnosed and treated in clip. many more people will be affected. In add-on. the high cost of medical intervention a patient requires is normally paid by the authorities and society. A tobacco user who suffers from lung malignant neoplastic disease. for illustration. is doing other taxpayers pay for his wont. For these grounds. wellness is more than merely a personal affair.

In the same manner. good wellness benefits society every bit good as the person. By maintaining fit. a individual is non merely puting in his/her hereafter. but besides lending to the overall productiveness of society. That is the ground why many authoritiess promote their people to take part in athleticss as a manner of hiking their wellness. Some people might reason that their freedom will be limited if their wellness is regarded as a public affair. However. I would wish to indicate out that personal enjoyment should ne’er be placed above public involvements. Drug users. for illustration. are punished in any civilised society.

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In decision. wellness is non an issue like seat belts which affect merely the person. In an epoch when everybody is involved with everybody else. people should look after their wellness for the interest of society every bit good as themselves.


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