Patients Information System Essay

Web-based Patients Information System for Bargain Testers Health Center II. Definition of the Topic: A. Importance and Significance The purpose of this study is to implement an information system for the patients of Bargain Testers Health Center.

Our motivation for conducting this system is to help Bargain Testers Health Center on their files to be more organized, lessen the time consumed and secure patients information. B. Manageability: What: The patients information system is a system that allows Bargain Testers Health Center to have an organized and secured information while conducting medical Who: The users and beneficiaries of this system will be the Medical staffs, Doctors, and patients of Testers Health Center.

Where: The system will be used for everyday transaction of Testers health center. When: Testers health center has its everyday transaction. It is organized by the medical staffs and doctor. They are using manual recording that causes time consuming, unrecognized and insecure files that happens throughout the transaction. Those are some causes that the researchers made up an idea on developing patients’ information system. Why: This study is important to lessen time consuming and assure the security and organization of the files of the patients.

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How: The researchers will provide specific account for each administrator, there will be an count for the doctor, another account for the medical staffs because some files are not applicable for the staffs to handle, that only the doctor must have an access to the files. Once they log-in to their specific account and have a transaction on patients the system will organized the files and secure its safety not to be misplaced or handle by unauthorized person. Some of the programming languages that the researchers will use to develop the system are HTML, pH designer, Javascript.


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