Pat River Case Sample Essay

Model: Different motivations operate in different people at different times at different state of affairss and lead to different impact. normally giving an drift to respond in a different mode. The instance “what do they desire? ” chiefly revolves around motive which refers to the manner in which thrusts. desires. aspiration or needs influence the pick of option in the behaviour of human existences ( by Dalton E. Mac Farland ) . Different theories of motive are content theories. procedure theories. modern-day theory. Contented theories help us to place the incentive i. e. demands and thrusts and how they are prioritized. On the other manus procedure theory aid us to understand how people behave as they do and this theory focuses on how behavior originates and operates. Contemporary theory of work motive as given by J. Stacy Adams ( equity theory ) focuses on single feelings or perceptual experience of how they are being treated as compared to others and these feelings serves as a powerful stimulation to increase or diminish their attempts.

Q: Explain the “motivation problem” in this organisation in footings of the content theoretical accounts of Maslow. Alderfer. and Herzberg. What are the “other things” that the human resource director is mentioning to in speech production of things besides money. conditions. and fringe benefits that are needed to actuate employees?

Ans1 ) Taking Maslow’s theoretical account into consideration. in this instance workers lower order demands are met but their higher order demands are non identified. They are given all the fringe benefits and periphery benefits which satisfy their lower order demands and therefore don’t go any beginning of motive. The company lacks in placing the demands like credence by the employer. prestigiousness and acknowledgment. By placing these needs the director can be able to steep a desire in the employees which would decidedly actuate them. Harmonizing to Alderfer’s pattern the growing demands of the employees are non identified. If these demands are identified and manipulated right the employees could be made to work for the improvement of the company.

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Harmonizing to Herzberg’s pattern the company is non supplying incentives to the employees. as a consequence of that the employees are experiencing no satisfaction in the work and their public presentation degree has receded.

Human resource director is mentioning to higher order demands ( harmonizing to Maslow’s theoretical account ) . growing demands ( harmonizing to Alderfer’s theoretical account ) and incentives ( harmonizing to Herzberg theoretical account ) . All these include prestigiousness. acknowledgment for accomplishment. regard. credence. incentive programs etc. in the organisation.

Q: Explain the motive of the employees in this company in footings of one or more of the procedure theoretical accounts. On the footing of the responses during the confidential interviews. what would you think are some of the anticipations. valencies. and unfairnesss of the employees in this company?

Ans2 ) Taking vroom anticipation theory into consideration. an single puts attempt that consequences in public presentation. if the public presentation yields no wagess that person will acquire demotivated. Similarly harmonizing to equity theory employees monitor continuously the grade of equity or in equity that exists comparing their input and end product with each other. When these employees see that their more input consequences in no different end product they get unprovoked. Now. if an single works really difficult and shows good public presentation. and still gets the same wagess as income and acknowledgment his morale will decidedly withdraw which will decidedly consequence in his end product.


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