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PART C | HOW CAN I BE A SAINT? Throughout the process of researching St. Joan, overall, I learned that she always would follow God’s word and trust it for what it is. She would never question him because she knew that whatever would happen to her, it was God’s word, and he was always trying to do the best for her. a very determined young woman. Joan was very head-strong, more often than not. For example, when she was persecuted, she never strayed away from God’s path.The aspect of her life that had surprised me the most was that many people who have researched the history of Jeanne d’Arc did not quite believe the fact she had spoken to these saints– who she had been taught about by her mother, was quite significant throughout the history of Catholicism. Joan, as she grew into her teens, she started to become more and more distant with her family and friends. She isolated herself from the outside world, more often than not. During these times, she would speak to Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret frequently, and even recalling moments where she even held them in embraces, saying that they had smelt wonderful. However, there are people who speculate many different theories about these stories, some that are more likely than the others. It seems extremely unlikely from many, if not all accounts that she simply made up a claim of hearing voices for the sake of attention. Some choose to believe that she was actually hearing divine commands from saints and angels, while others have attempted to explain the voices as hallucinations that Joan delusionally believed to be saints and angels. Under these interpretations, I think that the messages Joan had heard would really be ones she had come up with herself, subconsciously, which were now communicated to her conscious mind through visions and voices. Certainly, hallucinations are not all that uncommon, and are often intense and are commonly perceived within a religious idiom. Young adults are more susceptible to my knowledge, although visual hallucinations are much more common than hallucinations of sound. FIVE WAYS I CAN MODEL MY LIFE ACCORDING TO SAINT JOAN OF ARCONE: HER FAITH AND LOYALTYJoan’s mother, Isabelle, had brought her daughter up in the Catholic Church, which instilled her love for its teachings at a young age. At the age of thirteen, Joan had made a chastity vow towards Jesus; yet when she was sixteen, her father had attempted to arrange a marriage for her, but ultimately failed as Joan persuaded the local court that she should not marry. She was faithful to God and the mission that he provided her. She did this by striving to the utmost of her ability to serve Him throughout all the days of her life, and even during her imprisonment, until the day of her death. Her faith to Catholicism demonstrates how I could handle the promises that I have with others. Rather than neglecting what I have vowed to my friends, family, and others, I can commit myself to these guarantees, just like Joan. This way, I can form better and stronger relationships with the people around me like Joan had done with Jesus.TWO: HER DETERMINATIONEven when Joan was threatened with physical harm and death, she did not stray away from what she believed was “correct”. A firmly held opinion is usually quite rare quality to discover in people, however, Joan demonstrated that in the direst circumstances. I can portray this determination in my day-to-day life by speaking up in situations where I think something is wrong, for example, bullying. In that certain scenario, standing up to the bully and defending the victim would be portraying Saint Joan.THREE: HER COURAGESaint Joan had the courage to stand by her convictions and was willing to do it no matter what it cost her, even her own life. I can personally demonstrate this by standing for what I think is right or standing against something that I think is wrong (like prejudice, sexism, bigotry, etc.), yet also make an action towards changing it. For instance, there are numerous individuals who protest against these concerns, who risk being humiliated by others, and I believe that that is portraying Saint Joan’s courage.FOUR: HER LOVESaint Joan often demonstrated her love for the poor and needy by always giving generous gifts to those who had asked. She also loved the oppressed people of France. She regularly showed her love by striving to end the long-standing Hundred Years’ War which caused the people suffering. Joan did this by first begging the English to leave France peacefully without violence. It was simply after the third dismissal of her demand that Joan had depended on utilizing weapons. If I were to demonstrate this today, an example could be donating to the homeless, or volunteering for charities. This portrays her love for people by helping out others wherever it is possible.FIVE: HER HONESTYSaint Joan was a very truthful person. To summarize what Saint Paul had said once, “She spoke the truth whether it was in season or out of season,” implying that she told the truth whether people liked it or not. People can possibly portray this by being a straightforward person. For example, an individual could abstain from telling white lies, which, in the long run, damage other people’s relationships and trust with that person. Alternatively, this person could also be straightforward, only telling people the truth and nothing but the truth.  HOW IS SAINT JOAN A ROLE MODEL FOR THE 21ST CENTURY?The narrative of Saint Joan of Arc sends and provides an example of how an individual can hear and respond to God’s order, and in doing so, change history. I believe that God speaks to each of us if we will only listen and that we are called to play a role in establishing God’s Kingdom here on earth. Saint Joan’s experience was a story that very few are blessed with during the course of history. With her inspiring life story, all of us are able to learn and find the courage and a fresh start in her example. Saint Joan depicts a strong female image towards this generation, one of love, power and courage. To me, she is able to encourage people nowadays to speak out for themselves and upon the voices of others (in many cases, those who are negatively impacted by the circumstances that they are in), but also positively impact the world at the same time.


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