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How To Stop The Sleep Paralysis Demon

Perhaps you have experienced a nightmare, became aware but were unable to move your body?

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Some people call it the sleep paralysis demon!With almost have the general western population experiencing this sleep demon through the course of their life, at one point or another. You can bet there were some really scary nights. This little demon will spread intense fear through there victim in the night, not allowing you to move your arms or legs. While this isn’t already scary enough, in some extreme cases you cant even blink your eyes and your chest feels like its being sat on by a being, a being not from this dimension!

Isolated Sleep Paralysis

-Picture This
You’re laying there calmly asleep at night, but suddenly you’re awoken to extreme discomfort. Now laying there wide awake but there’s only one problem, you have no ability to move your body. Not only can you not move your arms and legs but there also difficulty in your breathing.To make matters even worse, you begin hallucinating of a demonic being on top of you – This being has been coined many names, one being- The Sleep Paralysis Demon!

The good news is that there is a medical explanation of why this is happening and there steps you can take to help prevent it or at least address it.

Ill first go into the scientifical explanition on the How & whys in the first half of this article, but if you stick around for the second half of this post, will be doing a little storytelling on other explanations on why this is happening.

Disrupted REM Sleep

Medical science explanation of the hallucinations in the night has to do with disrupted REM SLEEP.

Rem is a very important stage of sleep that everyone should have in order to be healthy. What exactly is it ?.
REM stands for rapid eye movement, While somebody is in REM sleep your eyes Will flicker quickly. During the night the average person will go in and out of REM Sleep stage Approximately four or five times. During the cycles of REM, the stages will be shorter at the beginning stages of REM and will end up being longer near the end of REM sleep. This stage of Should total above 25% Of all the sleep that you have tonight.

During REM sleep you will have very vivid dreams, this is because while we’re in this stage of sleep our brain Wave activity is Very high.In fact, the brain activity levels are so high that it is compared to when we’re actually awake during the day. This explains why dreams can seem so real and live.

Michael juvet Was first coined the term paradoxical sleep, Paradoxical meaning self-contradictory. Rapid eye movement REM sleep is also known as paradoxical sleep. During REM sleep your dreams will be lively and can have striking images, Also the complexity of the dream You’re having during this time can have thick plots With great meaning.

While in this stage of sleep, paralysis also occurs to your body. the defense mechanism for prevents us from hurting ourselves or anyone else around us while we’re sleeping. There was a lot of thought Put into us when we were designed.

—————————————————2ND HALF OF POST
Now there might be no direct impact on the person having this sleep disorder, but there will be a long-term effect of having disrupted stages of sleep!

So many people through history have claimed of having this horrifying experience, and much more will be victimized by the sleep demon tonight. Going through this is obviously terrifying, and strike terror into the victims that do have this experience. That being said, doctors claim


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